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Virginia B. Andes Volunteer Community Clinic  Home Page - - The Virginia B. Andes Volunteer Community Clinic provides no-cost episodic medical services and prescription medication to the uninsured and underserved of Charlotte County, Florida.

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  • Amazon Customer - Like everyone else

    Like everyone else, I was contemplating buying either this ball, and the molten flistatec one. Since many of our men's volleyball players had the Flistatec one, and I was still on the fence between the two, I thought I'd add a bit more diversity into the ball choices.

  • Amanda Cox - Old reliable.

    This has become my family's staple shampoo. It's great for frequent use (by that I mean, for me, washing every other day). It's safe for color-treated hair. I don't notice any significant fade of color when I use this, just normal fade. I would recommend this as it is versatile enough for everyone in my family. The smell is pleasant, and not overpowering. Lathers very well, leaves hair feeling clean.

  • Gia B - Don't waste your money

    I do not believe this is the true BioSilk Hair Serum, as I have used it many times and this one seems to evaporate and will not order from this seller again... The giveaway should have been the price for the amount of product .. Don't waste your money ..and I will be contacting the seller

  • Deal Pilgrim - Great protection and easy installation from a solid product

    Just installed this protector on my wife's new iPhone 6S. I read the recommended instructions (somewhat hazy), but after reviewing the UTube video on hinge method installation, the actual install went smoothly. I had no problems, no bubbles and the product fit as described. Best result was that my wife approved! I was also very impressed with the two followup emails from the manufacturer both thanking me for the purchase and offering any assistance needed with problems. An unexpected but very welcomed gesture. I strongly recommend this product to add another layer of screen protection for your expensive phone.

  • Renee M Goentzel - It works! Less stress for everyone!

    My cat kept pooping on the couch during and after our renovating the downstairs portion of our house. He also kept scratching the carpet at the top of our stairs I didn't know what to do. I started spraying their spray on the couch and the top of the stairs daily until I got the diffuser and it's refill. Not only did my cat stop pooping on the couch, but we could see his stress level drop - he started playing and snuggling again. I'd recommend this product to anyone with a stressed-out cat or a cat that is marking or scratching inappropriately. The diffuser is nice because you don't have to spray every 24 hours, but they all work. Thank goodness!

  • Becky Ponstein - Liam a bookie who is gorgeous, but hard as ...

    Liam a bookie who is gorgeous,but hard as ice, dut deep down has a heart of gold. He just doesn't let anyone know. Elizabeth is determined not to rely on anyone for anything. The death of Elizabeth's to father brings her home from school and finds Liam has been given everything. They jave never met and are both grieving the loss, but she is angry and doesn't want anything to do with him. He wants her and will do everything for her to give him a chance.

  • Charlie F. - FRAUD ALERT !!!!

    IF YOU PURCHASED THE ADD ON FROM QUICKBOOKS TO PAY MORE THAN 3 EMPLOYEES BEWARE. If you purchased package or any other Quickbooks payroll from Amazon or Sam's, etc. and had to purchase the additional program from Quickbooks to be able to pay more than 3 employees - BEWARE. They will possibly tell you it is an additional $100. BUT before they complete the call, they will tell you they have to bill you for $427. and you will immediately receive a credit to your credit card for $327. When I questioned this absurd idea, the guy on the phone said something about the bookkeeping process at Quickbooks. I even mentioned that the worlds largest bookkeeping company has a glitch in their system if this is how it works. I was so uneasy that I took down all the reference numbers and guys name. I even told him somehow I knew I would be calling back, as I would not see my "refund" or what ever fancy word he had for it. This guy was actually in America talking to me. Which usually you speak with people from the Philippines. Well you guessed it. Now 3 months later, I am still fighting to get my 300+ $$$ back. I have no less than 8 call invested. First of all you are on hold so long just to reach someone. Then you have to repeat your story to several departments. The woman August 7, gave me the most assurance - she was expediting my refund. But guess what September 4, no refund, call again. I was told that the past woman could not get the refund issued. BUT today this woman "Mae" will see that it is done. (deja vu) I will see my refund in 7-10 business days. We will see. BUT how many companies are they doing this too? We are a small company and I even forgot about the refund for a moment. Few companies would be this persistant - or it would have gone unnoticed to begin with. It doesn't throw a red flag to your accountant, as the amount is charged from Intuit and I marked it as an office charge. Most companies would not even catch it I know. If there are 1 million companies that this has happened to - that is three hundred million dollars. Question anyone you know that may have purchased this add on to pay multiple employees. There doesn't seem to be anyway to reach the top of the chain to get any satisfaction. Does anyone know of another bookkeeping system similar to Quickbooks - truly want to switch, if there is.