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  • callybarb - followed it to a T: Lost 0 lbs

    This was my second time trying the cleanse. First time was years ago and I lost weight but this time I lost ZERO. Very disappointing, followed directions exactly and Never cheated. Even when I was able to add additional protein I did very sparingly. I enjoy vegetables & fruits. I called the company and questioned the dairy free version versus the Whey. That was the only difference from last time. That was a waste of time and I got nowhere. Wish I got my money back. Won't throw my money away again.

  • Amazon Customer - Works like a charm

    These are the best. I sometimes get a aching pain in my neck where there is a large knot. It will eventually turn into a headace that lasts for days. I've tried gels and pills but nothing helps like these. I put one over the area of the knot and it seems to loosen it enough I can pop my neck and the pain and headache goes away. Saved me a ton in chiropractor fees

  • debbie jo - Great size!

    Really like that this mirror size. I got this to use when I have my grandson in the car, I did not like not being able to see him while I was sitting in front. This is a very sturdy mirror and attacks nicely to the middle headrest (which is smaller than outer ones). I like that you can adjust it also without having to unstrap it and re-secure it. Like I said earlier the size is wonderful also. Glad I made the purchase, I have no complaints.

  • Bry P - Love this car

    Best car I've owned so far has plenty of space, very comfortable, great fuel efficiency and a lil get up for a 4 cylinder.

  • Duchess of Dreams - My new fave headphones

    I'm loving these. Paired quickly with my iPhone 4s and the middle (Goldilocks)size feels great in my ears and solid. Sound is good too, maybe because I am not always fidgeting with trying to seat the buds better. I wish my iPod shuffles had bluetooth so I could use it with them. When I'm stacking firewood I have to wrap the long cords of my conventional ear buds around my neck a couple of times and hook the iPod to my hat and I still catch the cords and rip the buds out a few times. Now I will use these and listen to the tunes on my phone. SO cool. Also you could easily use just the right bud and hang the left one if you wanted to do the one ear phone thing and hear the surroundings as well. I could use a similar ear piece for my other bluetooth ear pieces that I use for the phone as well. I may not use the others ever again or only when this one is charging. I couldn't see any questions that answered this so I will just say that you can stop and start music, answer and hang up calls, redial the last number, mute the mic and back and forward tracks besides the obvious volume up and down. This the the one!

  • Amazon Customer - Do not lease adobe software. Buy a better product from someone else.

    If you peruse the various comments, and the damage response comments by Adobe, you will find Adobe blowing smoke by saying " Oh! Trust us! We just want to remove the "Barriers to entry- because now it's only $9.99 a month!" That's all fine and nice. Giving a monthly rental option is fine. But why have you removed the option to purchase it outright? Hmm? Whats the reason behind that? Oh wait, I know..it's just that Adobe is greedy and they can make more money by renting it. Imagine going to buy a car and they only have one option, a lease. Or perhaps going to buy a home..Oh wait, sorry, you can't buy this house, only rent it! Don't buy Adobe's product. Choose a better alternative from a competitor.

  • edina - Good product but it is not a necessary one for our family

    I really wish the Uppababy accessories were included in the price they charge for their strollers. The tray is a good product, though we ve used it only a few times and now it is sitting and collecting dust in tour garage