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VVGi.nl / Vincent van Gogh voor geestelijke gezondheidszorg - Vincent van Gogh verleent optimale zorg aan mensen die kampen met psychische en/of psychiatrische aandoeningen. Herstel is het leidend principe.

Country:, Europe, NL

City: 4.5 South Holland, Netherlands

  • Phillip Shelton - When I inflated it is has weird shape and rolls funny at slow speeds

    Ball was deflated when delivered, not a big deal. When I inflated it is has weird shape and rolls funny at slow speeds.


    i've bought it to my volleyball class and everyone simple love it, no cons... i recomend it to any age from youth and up


    I believe this a "must read" by every American. The author did extensive research in writing this book. It's about activities of the free masons and the number of our founding fathers who were involved in free masonry. Also about the future of America and the world in regards to trans humanism, robots, about the many similarities between the United States and the Vatican and free masons' involvement in both, about the anti-Christ, the last Pope who will be ushering the anti-Christ, etc. A real eye opener. Tom Horn did an excellent job in writing this book. Thank you, Mr. Horn, for sharing your findings with us.

  • Moeneek - Well Damn!!!

    Key played no games when it came to Wale and vise versa. I'm happy to see that Taz finally got some closure from that horrible incident. This was very good read and as usual Ms. Jackson did not disappoint.