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WaterART Fitness - Land & Aquatic Fitness Certification, Speedo Products & Education - -WaterART Fitness specializes aquatic fitness certification, training & education for instructors, personal trainers, health care providers & consumers. Offering both land & water certification and onsite training.

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  • nanaatplay02 - Very deceptive advertising

    After you pay for the product, you have to phone the company to install it. Then you find out they want you to let them have complete access to your computer to install it. No way am I letting someone else into my pc. I tried to cancel the order, but the technician ignored my commands to cancel the transaction, assuring me that they would send a key via email. So what? If I use the key I am still letting them into my computer. That isn't going to happen, I disputed the charge with my credit card company and sent the product back.

  • S. Bodur - It worked flawlessly on dark color

    I had a 4 inches scratch on my hood of my brand new VW Passat. Although it was a very thin line it still could catch my nail. First I didn't want to use something abrasive on the new paint but trying to fill the scratch didn't work with oridinary waxes. I wanted to use something recommended by many users, and tested againts others, and found this test winner product.

  • Farm Girl - Way too much fun!

    This is seriously the most fun you can have with a lifejacket on. TOTAL hit with everyone at the lake, we get random boats stopping by all the time asking us to go for a ride or what the deal is! It's a bit of work to blow up and get to the water (it's pretty heavy) but it's WAY WORTH IT! Bonus that we're able to pull it with our seadoos, they're 300 hp so they do the job nicely :) I recommend this purchase 110 percent!

  • Katie McEnery - Phenomenal cuatomer care and product

    Customer care is phenomenal, and the product is excellent. I think it looks very neat on the wrist, app is very easy to use and set up. Their 7minute workout has me doing something everyday. Couldn't recommend the product or the company enough.

  • Brittani mazur - My son had a lot of fun opening each individual 7 pack of stickers

    I received these stickers along with the 2015 NFL sticker album in hopes to complete our collection. My son had a lot of fun opening each individual 7 pack of stickers, excited to see what player he got. We didn't get very many doubles which was pretty impressive. You could even trade these stickers with other people to collect them all! They have a picture, team name, and the name of the player on each sticker. Great idea as a party gift for a sports themed party, or even stocking stuffers. Good quality graphics on each sticker.

  • Philip B - Amazing

    Works great. What stains were left disappeared over the year. Almost 2 years since I sprayed and nothing came back.

  • Sara - Perfect for my Baby (used it from birth until now - 13 months)

    This is the only shampoo and body wash I use for my baby who is 13 months old. It is very light and mild, cleans her well, but also rinses off easily without leaving any residue. She hasn't had any reactions to it at all, and she has very sensitive skin. I make her lotion to use following her baths, and her skin is loving the combination of this body wash and her lotion. Also, I love the smell.