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  • Faded elegance - Best Japan travel guide

    LP does it again. Concise with great maps and just enough description. 100% on the mark with all general information. Highly recommended.

  • Amazon Customer - Brilliant. No thanks

    Went to buy Adobe software so I can manipulate one .eps file. I need to buy and download the program as I do not always have internet connection so I need to be able to work off line. Guess what: I leaned that you can only rent it and you have to commit for a full year. You have to connect to their "Creative cloud"...also know as constant revenue stream. Brilliant.

  • Jennifer LuVert - Great read!

    I confess that I'm so overwhelmed with all kinds of clutter that I finish very few books I start these days. Well, this is the first e-book I've ever finished, reading every page from start to finish...even if it took months to do. I'm ready to tackle the assignments, to begin getting rid of the clutter that keeps me from giving and living my best for God.