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  • Amazon Customer - Definitely works but side-effects guaranteed at initial stages.

    This works wonders BUT it is guaranteed that you will go through some side-effects in the initial stages. What i mean by initial stages is the first few weeks use of the regimen. I really was furious for the first few weeks because I still had some acne coming out and the worst part of the side-effect was the burning on your face. It comes with reddening too!

  • Linda M. - Excellent

    My husband uses this book like a Bible.Whenever a family member is going to buy this or that my husband has to look it up in his Consumers Reports book first.

  • Clay Kutch - searched for AVEDA tea...

    ....after being completely smitten by their Aveda salon tea given to me at a hair appointment in LA months ago.

  • Andrea Ramirez - loud wind drag

    created a lot of wind noise and drag. so much so that driving with them on normally was a major pain but to use them every once in a while when needed they did work.