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  • Tacoma Guy - This is a "safe" bet!

    No longer do I worry about leaving my truck parked in a unfamiliar area and having my valuables gone when I return. I know a smash and grab is always possible, but now I feel better that any would be degenerate theif will be sorely dissapointed if they so choose to pick my truck! I can drop my iPod, Oakley's, or whatever else I don't want to carry with me in the Vault and know for sure they will be there when I get back to the truck.

  • Matt Walton - Essential reading for the American male

    If I had this book when I was 13 my life would have been entirely different. Forget the "Married Man's" part. This is what EVERY man needs to know about navigating the confounding world of women.

  • Jessie - Great solar lights!

    These lights are nice looking and easy to set up! Most importantly, they are solar powered! Make sure the area you set them up in gets exposed to plenty of sun during the day or else they won't work. You get 6 total which was enough to line my short walkway up to my front door. They provide more than enough light to see as you are walking up to the front door.. I don't even need to use my porch light anymore.

  • Mr. C - Fake Yeti

    Looks real. However as much as I wanted it to be, it is not. This youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8B12EfGArME explains how to tell a real one from a fake. Everything he says about a fake is true for my except for the word engineer which they spelled correctly on this label. If the link gets removed, ill post what he says about it and how to spot a real from a fake, its pretty easy once you know what you are looking for.

  • Louis - Don't waste your money on the more expensive cables.

    I replaced a no-name brand that came with a TV I purchased that was a little too short. This cable works flawlessly!

  • Orionna L. - These are beautiful! Lots of different settings for the lights and ...

    These are beautiful! Lots of different settings for the lights and a charger cord in cluded. The only thing is that the show is a tad smaller than I would like. Still fit them though.

  • Nancy Morales - Great product i will recommend it for the high quality and low price.

    These sporty earphones are great they do as stated. I found it very easy to pair and start using. Pretty simple. The sound is very good and clear. I did not hear any background noise while using it. Very comfortable to use even if it was for long periods. Doesnt sweat even after a hard workout, what more can you ask? no more stinky earbuds!There are extra buds provided so whatever that fits you can be used. I found it easy to use while exercising and kept my handsfree. The charging was also good it did work for a long time and i did not have to recharge .