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Women In New Recovery - Female-Only Drug Rehab in Arizona - Women in New Recovery (WINR) specializes in women's health & addiction using the best scientific methodology for females. Get help now - call today!

  • http://www.winr.org/about-us/ About WINR - How We Help Women Everyday - Women In New Recovery - WINR promises to comprehensively address our resident’s recovery and life so that they can find self-respect, feel accepted & find freedom and joy in life.
  • http://www.winr.org/tour-winr/ Take A Tour | Women In New Recovery Drug Rehab - Our drug and alcohol rehab treatment facility is located in Mesa, Arizona - right outside of Phoenix. Contact us today to schedule a tour.
  • http://www.winr.org/story/ Our Story | Women In New Recovery Drug Rehab - Women in New Recovery is a residential extended care treatment program that was founded in 1993. Learn more about out treatment programs. Contact us today.
  • http://www.winr.org/winr-team/ The WINR Team - Women In New Recovery - On this page you will find bios for all of the Women in New Recovery - WINR Team. We are dedicated to helping women get sober and achieve lasting sobriety.
  • http://www.winr.org/treatment-services/ Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Services | Women In New Recovery - Our drug and alcohol rehab treatment services are evidenced-based practices that have helped women for the past 20 years. Contact us today to learn more.
  • http://www.winr.org/why-winr/ How We Help - Why WINR? - Women In New Recovery - Learn what makes our addiction treatment more effective then other rehab facilities. Get started to long term sobriety with our holistic approach. Call Now!
  • http://www.winr.org/female-only-treatment/ Female-Only Drug & Alcohol Treatment | WINR.org - Our female-only treatment environment for women increases the probability for long-term recovery. Learn more about our services today. Contact us anytime.
  • http://www.winr.org/tips-on-succeeding/ Tips on Succeeding in Addiction Treatment - Women In New Recovery - We provide four tips on how women can be successful during their journey to sobriety. We look forward to helping woman achieve sobriety. Contact us today.
  • http://www.winr.org/next-steps/ Next Steps | Women In New Recovery Drug Rehab - We know this can be a confusing time for you or your loved one, and our staff is here to make the admissions process easy and stress-free. Contact us today.
  • http://www.winr.org/insurance-verification-form/ Insurance Verification Form - Women In New Recovery - Please fill out this insurance verification form and we will let you know if we work with your coverage to get you the help you need.
  • http://www.winr.org/what-will-it-cost/ What Will It Cost? - Women In New Recovery - Learn more about the costs associated with Women In New Recover's drug and alcohol treatment programs. Call us today.
  • http://www.winr.org/what-to-bring/ What To Bring | Women In New Recovery Drug Rehab - We want you to be comfortable during your stay with us, we have provided a list of what to bring to treatment at WINR. For more information, call us today.
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  • http://www.winr.org/faq/ Frequently Asked Questions | Women In New Recovery Drug Rehab - We answer the most common questions regarding out facility, drug rehab, and alcohol treatment services.
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    I was pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of LIVrelief as a topical pain relief. It had no stinky smell and it reduced the level of pain to one where I could easily ignore it even though I've had severe chronic neurological pain for 30+ years and nothing else, other than prescription medications (not narcotics) relieved the pain this successfully. I used it in combination with my medications and experienced the most relief I've had in a long time. Today was cool and rainy - a combination that generally exacerbates the pain but I was able to continue with my daily activities. I'll be heading to the store/Amazon real soon to order a supply.

  • Kevin Moore - It doesn't have a TOWEL!

    But it doesn't have a TOWEL! It does, however, come equipped with a Babel fish for those long Vogon flights.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing Stuff, Really!

    Actually, I haven't had the chance to use this recently shipped order but I've used Spray & Forget before and it is simply amazing. It takes a few months to show it's effect but it really works.

  • Amazon Customer - Very bad customer service and product.

    I placed an order on 9/17/2015. $390 worth of floor mats for my 2 cars. The one I ordered for my 2013 Mercedes didn't fit well. So I decided to returned the item. I called their customer service to set up a return and didn't reach anybody for 4 days.After several calls during this 4 days a recording telling me the average wait time is 1 1/2 hours, I have given up. Finally, I ended up talking with a person and set up the return and I had to pay for the return shipping. I wasn't happy with their customer service and the product.

  • Tom Ruane - A book that will make you more interesting

    As a long-time subscriber to Dan Lewis' wonderful daily email, I wasn't sure I needed to buy this book, but I sure am glad I did. There is a lot of material in it that I had never seen before (and I spend quite a bit of time reading his online archives). The articles are fascinating and cover a broad range of subjects, from the story about the fan who convinced Charles Schultz to kill off a Peanuts characters, to the two Soviets who each, more than twenty years apart, probably avoided World War Three.

  • Dan Griesemer - Good deal

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