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  • S. Rice - I started him on Perfect Aminos upon recommendation from his doctor

    Absolutely fabulous! My husband is in late stage cancer and has difficulty eating much. Lately he has been sweating profusely at night and getting weaker. I started him on Perfect Aminos upon recommendation from his doctor. After taking them the first day, no sweating at night! This is the only change we have made. He is feeling better and stronger each day. He was excited today to show me his bicep. He is actually starting to get muscle definition back. Thank you, thank you for this product. I look forward to the PerfectAmino powder with no sugar that I hope is coming next!

  • bosslady - Love this stuff

    Anyone who wants a good conditioner thats not greasy and smells great, Look no further you have found it. Works great on 3b,3c hair it defines your curls and hair is soft all day plus you get two jars I say go for it.

  • Peter Johnson - University of Excel

    When I started working at a consulting company last year, I needed to get up to speed on Excel quickly. I'd been using Excel for ages, but it was very basic stuff. Suddenly I was dropped into a working environment where everyone else was an Excel wizard and strange terms like "VLOOKUP", "Pivot Table", and "COUNTIFS" were casually tossed around, and multiply-nested IF statements were everywhere. I needed a good guide to get up to speed, and this book did a great job. MacDonald explains things nicely and gives lots of good examples, as well as offering good comparisons when (as often happens) Excel offers several ways to do the same thing. The Missing Manual has become a valued office resource, and my coworkers and I consult it regularly.

  • Paulina Jaramillo - A poor choice of short stories

    I expected that this compilation had some thread, something that could hold them together but it feels like a collage of bad american stories. I have read many stories from the authors listed here and they can be very good, but it feels like the editor of this collection chose the worst ones, with no intentions of cohesion and put them together. A very poor work.