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    I know all this stuff seems like a good idea but have we forgotten GHB? That was supposedly the fountain of youth a few years ago and now no one hardly even talks about it. Let me let you in on a little secret, GHB turned out to be a very addictive substance and in fact a handy little trick to get a girl naked without any problems like dinner movie or even her knowing you for that matter. Like HGH, everyone jumped on it before all the data was in. Please put your money away and be safe. A pretty face isn't worth the trouble this could potentially cause. And lets be realistic at 60 you really won't ever look 20 again and the weight you would have lost will be the money leaving your pocket book and not the fat from your thighs. Work out, do yoga, and eat a healthy vegetarian diet and you can't go wrong. Also, when i stopped eating sugar the cellulite also disappeared and so did those extra pounds.

  • Peter Schau - Still a solid product after all these years

    I've used the Street Atlas products for 15+ years and they continue to be the excellent resource I depend upon them to be. I recently purchased the 2014 version to replace the 2009 addition and like it just the same. I still haven't had a chance to fully learn all the in's and out's of the new version, but did notice that the distance tool is now tied to the draw function. I would have preferred it if they would have left it as a separate option on the tool bar as they did with the previous versions.

  • Amber G. - A genuine album that had been lacking in the industry.

    This album gets to the more nitty gritty and heartfelt side of Gaga we all have wanted to see more from. You can hear the sincerity in her voice, the genuine concern in her lyrics, and the roots and inspiration of music that she grew up listening to. A fantastic album that I haven't been able to get out of my head since purchasing it last Friday!