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  • Amazon Customer - A good collection

    I always enjoy the books of the Best American series, including other editions of the travel essays. I rate these collections based on the number of essays that wow me and that I feel are real discoveries. While almost all the essays in this edition were interesting or funny, none were especially insightful about travel or culture. None of them seemed like discoveries or essays that I was glad I hadn't missed. A worthwhile read, but not essential.

  • Dr. Pavan K. Auluck - Two-things away from perfect.

    After reading many reviews, we narrowed our search for an umbrella travel stroller to the UPPA Baby G-Lite, Maclaren Mark II and Maclaren Triumph. This is why we chose the UPPAbaby G-Lite.

  • Sls701 - Excellent!

    Excellent product and worth the price. The multiple motion settings were a hit with my daughter and the compact size allows for it to be placed just about anywhere. This product was an excellent choice to replace our Fisher Price Snug a bunny swing.

  • Julie Blain - best investment!

    I won't be sitting for the exam for another 18 mos but wanted to get started on learning the style of the NCLEX exam. I would recommend this book for anyone at university, nursing or not! Since I began using the techniques taught in the book my exam scores in all my courses, even STATISTICAL MATHS have improved as this book shows you how to break down the question to answer it correctly. It emphasizes eliminating the WRONG answers and all you are left with are correct ones . This is one of the best investments I've ever made in my education...my 3.9 GPA proves it!

  • Pascal Bocherel - Unfinished Product, Beta version at best.

    Unfinished product, it's what come my mind each time I want to use it. I fully agree with most of the comments regarding issues. I bought mine in August and the unit have been plagued with issues: Complete lock up during 2 century rides with TBT Navigation on, by chance I had my Edge 520 in backup. More recently, unit won't even upload rides anymore on my Garmin Connect App and 50% of the FIT files end up corrupted. I'm back using the Edge 520 and I will to return the 820 but after almost 2 months ownership it may be difficult. I reset it twice, updated with most recent software version but it's still acting. Tonight I had to transfer the FIT file fromthe Edge to my computer,then process it in a FIT Tools software to correct timing errors and upload my ride on Garmin Connect. Until I read news from Garmin or in Forum about the issues been fixed 1) I will use the 520 2) try to return the 820 to Garmin 3) never buy a new product from Garmin until it's fully tested and approved by hundred of users.