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  • J. A. KONRATH - Unwanted hair? No more!

    My wife's legs are unusually hairy. So much so that if she goes a week without shaving, it looks like she's wearing pants. Pants made out of hair.

  • David P. - Sturdy but light. Excellant quality at this price point.

    As other have said this unit does "Snap" together. Once assembled properly it is quite sturdy. My 90 lb lab is a little too tall for the doorway and his back can rub giong out. I put it on a pallet so going in its a step up so he doesnt hit in that direction.

  • Amazon Customer - Hard truths

    Cathy O'Neil knows her stuff, and it clearly shows. This is a book of hard truths for us data scientists, but they are important. If you're interested in understanding how models interact with the real world, particularly among the disadvantage, read on.

  • Linda K. Kruse - works well

    This works really well for burise's. I bruise very easily and have found this cream very helpful. I will order again.

  • Mike B - Drink you fools!

    Alright, so there are a lot of you with ill side effects. First, know your body. Second, start light by only taking one of these a day in the morning. Third, STAY HYDRATED. Last, stay away from medications and booze! Most people are seriously dehydrated and taking any supplement like this will only make it worse (drink a gallon of water a day!). You will lose tons of weight with this with moderate exercise.

  • THERESA - Read it was compatible with windows 7, but it's not

    Waste of my $ because ever since installing it on computer, it slowed down my computer so that it was unusable. It keeps locking up. I had to turn this off, just to be able to use my computer.