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  • Patarawadee - Sent me a wrong one. Its not like on the picture!

    Sent me the Asian edition which is not the same like the textbook they've described on Amazon! it's not even look like on the picture.

  • M. Senior - ... can coozies never keep my drinks cold and I love Monster energy drinks

    I don't know about you but those ugly little can coozies never keep my drinks cold and I love Monster energy drinks, but when they get wam- they can be gross, same goes for anything else in a can or bottle- it is meant to be cold. Well this coozie actually keeps your drink cold and what is really great it works with a can or a bottle so you don't have to have separate items if you have a different drink. I now leave mine at work so anything I bring it, I know I can keep it cold. I was given this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion

  • Kelly E. Hayes - Xbox 1 = life changer in playing/purchasing media and games and enjoying it.

    Great console. I have always loved xbox and have every other xbox through time. They really did build an amazing feature and with the many new updates to the system it is even better. I dont use the kinect that much because when I get home I dont want to speak to my system or move my arms lol. It does however work very well and works well in small rooms as well.

  • Bruce - Teenage daughter enjoys it

    I don't use this software myself, but my 13 year old daughter is producing lots of cards and seems to enjoy this program.

  • Amazon Customer - Very impressed with this product

    Eighteen months ago I was diagnosed with diverticulosis and had two rounds of "itis", this after several years of various bowel problems. My doctor had no useful advise on what to do to prevent further attacks other than the standard fiber and water, the cure-all for every disease these days. I could tell this was not adequate as I continued to have discomfort and bowel issues for months after even though taking a different probiotic for much of the time. I have been on Align for almost 4 months now and have felt better and had very issues than previously, and it seems to get better by the week. It may be too soon to say it has changed my life but if things keep going as well as they have been since starting to take this, I will say it has.

  • A. Foster - Did not work for me

    I have very fair skin with some light redness around my nose and on my cheeks that bothers me. I bought this with high hopes but I ended up sending it back. It was no more effective than a heavy foundation would be AND it disappeared within an hour. Something that costs this much should be able to stand up to heat and humidity (Texas summers) better than that. HUGE disappointment.