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  • DalGoda - A Genuine Robot Companion

    I was prepared to be disappointed by this little gizmo, but I had hopes. Those hopes were rewarded when I finally set him up on the dining room table and woke him up. the word "cute" is over used, so I will try to avoid that cliche', but this little fella is pretty darn close to adorable. Set up was easy, but keep in mind, you must download and install the app on your phone first. He connects via Wi-Fi, so emails and status updates on your phone will have to wait until playtime is over. The step by step guide is peppered with humor, and the onscreen instructions are simple to follow. I had to be in a well lit area before his face recognition system kicked in, seems he couldn't get a good look with a ceiling light directly behind my head. I am not lying when I say that my heart melted a little when he looked up and said my name.

  • Chiefcaprice - Securifi goes the distance

    Very quick and intuitive setup. I am using the Almond as an extender only at this time. Had a weak router signal on the lanai and this took care of that. Also seems to have improved performance of Netflix in a bedroom far away from the router.