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  • Peter L. Martin - Peachtree is just getting better

    I have used Peachtree for maybe 25 years now and it just gets better. I believe that Peachtree family of accounting software gives the greatest amount of flexibility while maintaining tight data integrity. It is still posible to trash the database by reckless importing of data but this is what documentation is for and if you import data from spreadsheets you should read up on how to do it or you can run into trouble. On the other hand exporting is a piece of cake and it can be eaten in a number of ways. Data on any report can be exported to Excel in a raw column and row data dump or can be in the form of the source report. All this with a touch of a button opr two. Perhaps one of the greatest improvements to Complete Accounting is the user interface. No longer do you have to use the drop down menus (although they are easy enough) you can use the graphic interface which fills the screen whenever you open the program. The interface is a combination of lists, pick lists, status graphs, navigational aids and performance data. Check it out and if you have a small to medium business and want a minimum of investment and maximum control over your business take a look at Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting.

  • Jay Ellis - Have patience. This works. No more pressure washing!

    As others have said, it takes a while to work. I followed mixing directions and sprayed it on very badly stained limestone steps that get little sun and a lot of moisture. After two months, the black is gone from most steps. I sprayed it on heavily and then just waited. It has done a really nice job with much less work on my part than pressure washing. In addition, zero plantings in the area were damaged. That's a major plus for me. I'll add the final star if the few remaining areas of mold & mildew disappear in another month or so.

  • A reader from NY - Other than Excel BI, little difference between Office 2016 and 2013.

    I bought this version just for the BI (Business Intelligence) features in Excel. The Professional version of Excel in 2016 includes Power Pivot and Power View, two features not included in the 2013 version of Excel. Ironically you can get these features in the stand alone version of Excel 2013, but not in the "professional" version of Office 2013 Excel. Who can figure out Microsoft's logic at times. The BI features are not included in the Office 2016 packages of Home and Student and Business. Get this version if BI is important to you and/or your job.

  • Swati Soni - When it Sucks dust from carpet

    It cleans for sure, but the problem is with suction, When it Sucks dust from carpet, it throws a lot of it back into air. Its difficult to deal with the dusty air, specially if you have kids at home. You definitely dont want to expose infants and toddlers to the exposed dust.

  • BoJo - Demi-god or just a muscle-bound mortal? That is the question...

    Interesting from the standpoint of the action and a semi-interesting story plot. Is this Hercules really a demi-god (son of Zeus) or just a really buff muscle man surrounded by myth?? The story tantalizes with the possibilities but is never conclusive. Either way, he is impossibly strong and whips up on the bad guys in some really whoopee scenes. His side kicks (comrades) contribute largely to his success in battle and they are no slouchs either. Lots of action, but the storyline like Hercules' strength sometimes borders on the absurd. Still, it's entertaining for the guys who like action. Probably a little gory for the under 12 crowd.

  • Kindle Customer - I don't know how but it works great!

    I have bad knees and sometimes this product is the only thing that helps reduce the pain. when the air pressure drops I am in agony and nothing else works. I use it sparingly because its so expensive and I don't want to chance becoming immune to it and it will stop working. I've even used it on my hands when they act up and in less than a minute the paid subsides. only takes a tiny dab.

  • Richard - Outside Looking In

    This is an intelligent and powerful narrative. It is a powerful display of character development. The female protagonist goes through a metamorphosis as she becomes the advocate for alien spaceship. I was not happy with her lack faith in the male members of the crew, but the story still works.