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  • Matt G. - MINDer your manners

    Great for my AGM batteries in my trunk for my car audio system. Be a good boy and buy this before you forget about this one because you seen the cool looking ctek one. This is an " old man" battery charger. This is what my grandpa would have had if it were available in his day. And old people always have the best stuff. Get the best.

  • Matthew and Malicia - I love Lights!

    I had saw one of these diffracted laser lights in several yards last year around Christmas. I thought then I have to have one. The CRGPro laser light came packed in a very nice magnetically closing box. Inside it was packed in styrofoam with a stake, power supply, and remote control. The light and stake are made of heavy gauge bronze colored coated aluminum and feel like they are heavy duty. You have two choices for placement. It comes with mounting brackets so that you can permanently mount it, or you can use it with the included stake for your yard. Using the light is very simple. It comes with a remote which lets you choose between red, green, or both red and green simultaneously. The standard red and green laser mode stays constantly on. There are 10 times as many green dots as red, so the green only mode is better in my opinion than the red only mode. I personally like the two colors on at the same time. there is also a flash mode. I never have cared for flashing lights but a fade option would be a nice feature. My kids really love it. The darker the night the better the light. Now I just need 2 or 3 more so I can light up the other side of my home. This is so much easier than untangling all the string lights in hopes that they even work. I would like to even maybe find one with more color options. I highly recommend this product. I received this product at a discount in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.

  • Lifeisshort - New hair growth...

    This is my second bottle and both my esthetician and my hair dresser have noticed a difference in my hair. My esthetician asked what is going on with your eye brows, mine are very thin.. And my hair dresser commented your hair feels thicker... :) I didn't say anything about taking Biotin, I waited for them to mention something to me. I'm pleased with the product. I have a thyroid issue and am on medication for it, one side effect is hair loss.. I have also noticed new hair growth, which at first I thought was breakage. The product came on time, and I recommended both this product and company..

  • CHAD VANZUILEN - Super hydration!

    It makes my face feel super hydrated! Not as much as the snail mask (gawd, that is a miracle moisturizing product) but it is still a pretty good mask given it also brightens too. I use it and I always feel refreshed!

  • J. Hosford - Love the way they look. Illegal equipment in many states.

    I purchased the smoked version and they look great on my JK. I like they way it continues the black accents of my jeep. Simple to install. Plug and play. Like others have said, the brush guard fit just like the factory light. The brightness appears at least the same as the OEM tail lights. My wife followed me today and said they were plenty visible. The light pattern is not correct on the box. As other have indicated, the center square is normal tail lights, the outer ring is turn/brake. I would have preferred the box be correct, but there's not much I can do about it.

  • s Kaufman - Not enough moves

    My 8 y.o. loves to dance and was bored in 2 minutes by the lack of movement variation. We had to move on to JD 2014 regardless of the inappropriate content.

  • BaileyJane - tasts fine

    this is a great product for so many uses, I use it to replace a meal and to help regulate my hormones. my Dr had recommended soy milk, but upon further research, it is fermented soy that you want, not too much non fermented, like soy milk.