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scienceservinghumanity.us: Science in Service to Humanity Foundation

Science has done much in the past 100 years to benefit humanity through life-saving drugs. Computers have brought incredible benefit through providing the internet to remotely-located students and have greatly aided in a vast spectrum of medical and scientific research that is saving lives and extending life spans. Yet the potential to do so much MUCH MORE is of such magnitude as to seem almost unachievable. And that is where the Science in Service to Humanity Foundation [SSHF] has stepped up to the plate to fill a part of this void.Our purpose is to provide scientific research scholarships and fellowships to promising college and graduate school students who otherwise might not be able to obtain the education and training they need to bring their intellect to bear in solving the vast array of remaining problems facing humanity.SSHF is also structured to provide grants in support of promising scientific research that addresses medical and scientific programs that seek to solve a broad spectrum of challenges to current barriers to mankind’s greater progress through longer life and surviving threats from life-threatening diseases. Even in this, the 21st Century, mankind continues to be faced with disease and infections for which there is no antibiotic treatment.SSHF’s purpose and mission is to provide research and education that will result in solutions to these on-going threats to humankind.