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  • Desert Eye Specialists - we emphasize in providing personalized patient care - Our doctors have a reputation of excellence in both medical and surgical eye care. We provide treatment for eye diseases that include macular degeneration
  • Desert Eye Specialists - Our doctors are dedicated to your better vision and healthier eyes - Desert Eye Specialists doctors are certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and have over 60 years of collective experience in eye care
  • Desert Eye Specialists - Our Experienced and Friendly Staff - Our Desert Eye Specialists eye care staff's primary motivation has always been to provide the best possible eye care in a very supportive environment
  • Desert Eye Specialists - our physicians diagnose and treat eye health and vision issues - Our eye doctors in Peoria, Sun City West, and Deer Valley extensive experience is the basis for providing comprehensive and personal medical and surgical eye care in AZ.
  • Desert Eye Specialist - Experienced Cataract Surgery Doctors - Desert Eye Specialists in AZ has experienced Cataract suregry doctors. A cataract is a clouding of the natural lens in the eye
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  • Seth - piece of junk

    My wife had been lusting after this waffle maker for a long time, and it was one of the first items she registered for when we got engaged. When we got it, I was a bit sad to see our $20 plastic waffle maker that had served us for so many years be given away, but we now had this "pro" waffle maker. Well, shortly before our three year anniversary half-way through making waffles one Sunday morning, the thing got cold. The light turned on, I could hear it clicking on and off, but the waffle maker would no longer heat up. After searching the internet a bit, I realized that we were not the only people with this problem, and in fact it was pretty common with this waffle maker. There is apparently no way to repair it (the waring pro model has some similar issues, but there is an easy to find replacement part to fix those), and of course our warranty had just expired. We expected this waffle maker to last a lifetime (or at least longer than our $20 cheapy). Instead, it's now littering a landfill somewhere and we are shopping for a new (non-VillaWare) waffle maker.

  • benthorncow - This stuff is great!

    I've been taking Turmeric with Bioprene for about 4-1/2 months now. This product helps with my inflammation and fluid retention. I feel so much better since I started taking it on the recommendation of my neurologist. She takes it herself. I would definitely recommend it. I already have and my brother takes it now.

  • Whoa! - Whoa!

    Okay, I've only used this game twice, it's really fun and all, but CREEPY! My grandma, my mom, and I put out all the lights and lit candles and things. So, we're playing the game, and to test it, we ask a couple of questions of names, it gets all of them right! It was soooo weird. It's REALLY FUN, just scary at times!

  • Jill Appleseed - A reminder that doctors don't all agree about causes and ...

    A reminder that doctors don't all agree about causes and effect, and that all drugs have side effects. We don't always even know the cause of a problem or how a medication will affect the rest of our bodies. Maybe we trust a doctor's opinion too much!

  • Lovemycavalierpiglet - Great

    Followed all the instructions and didn't find any residue like the packaging said might be left inside. I wiped the inside of my washer anyway. My machine never smelled, but I did notice a black residue left from either the dirt or color that came off my clothing collecting on the rubber parts of the inside of the machine. After removing it with a mr. clean magic eraser super (a whole eraser and a half) I plan to use this every so often to clean my machine.

  • brad grace - It felt like I needed four hands just to hold the thing ...

    Have to give it points for the price and performance. But this was one of the MOST FRUSTRATING installations ever. The pieces don't fit together well, and the spring-like contraption that holds it onto the processor was a gigantic pain. It felt like I needed four hands just to hold the thing in place while I screwed it in. It slides a lot when installing, which made a mess of my thermal paste and I had to take it off and clean it. It's also HUGE, and luckily it barely fit inside my case. When all was said and done, installing this one fan took longer than the entire rest of my build combined.