Dr. Rob Lamberts, LLC - Direct primary care practice of Dr. Rob Lamberts, where patients pay flat monthly fee for nearly all services, and a discounted rate for all other services.

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  • Victoria - My favorite eye cream I've ever used

    This smells so good and I love the way it makes it makes my skin feel. It is a beautiful bottle and like how it comes out so not too waste product. Make sure you clean the nozzle after each use. The only thing I would like about the product is if there was some indicator to let me know when my product was running low. I've started to see improvements around my eyes. I would highly recommend it this product. I love the packaging. The pump is super easy to use. I bought many eye products and some of them very expensive but this is way better. I use it every morning and night.😊😊😊

  • Matthew Kordas - Great generator, does it be much better then a ...

    Great generator, does it be much better then a cheap generator that also comes with two day shipping! runs to about the normal level of sound as one of equal size. Start up on this product is fast and easy. If you do not want to be carrying this thing around i know the next model up is not a crazy price difference is does come with wheels, but this is only 50 lbs and has many placed to put your hands and carry it from one location to the next. Also this generator does not eat up gas like ones i have had in the past, it is crazy how energy efficient it is.

  • Jay Van Mersbergen - Peeling by the handful after six months

    We applied this in August of last year, and it didn't make it through a single mild Washington state winter. I first noticed it peeling the following March and am now pulling it up in large pieces. Huge waste of time and several hundred dollars after all the supplies they make you buy. Do not buy this.