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  • Therese Hart - I wanted to love this crock pot

    I wanted to love this crock pot. I have a really old Rival crock pot that works fine, just isn't big enough. Unfortunately, this one just burns everything. It seems the contents reach a boil, even on warm. I am gone for close to 12 hours a day, so I need something that will stop cooking and just keep my food warm until I get home. Everything I cook is burnt at the sides near the handle. My meat is all shriveled up and dried. I have had better success by cutting my cooking time in 1/2, but leaving it on warm for 6 hours is not helping keep the meat moist. Things just don't burn as much. Even my soups become really thick because the water gets cooked out.

  • Alison - Great Size, Good Price

    Tea tree oil is one of those natural all-purpose staples in my household. It's a cleaner, disinfectant, bug repellent. I usually can find it in 1 oz bottles. I was happy to find this size. It's a good price, too.

  • Laura - Works great!

    What a delight, using nice sharp clippers! These shears are wonderful, very comfortable in the hand, and sharp, so they clip right through the toughest weeds. They come with two pairs, one is like a snipper, for smaller plants, and the other a good pruner, good for cutting through the thickest vines. They work great. The pruner has a lock to keep it closed between uses., and the snippers have a leather piece to hold it closed. They will be getting a lot of use around here.

  • Amazon Customer - Battery Dies Instantly

    These headphone stopped working after 1 month. I fully charge them, and they die in less than an hour. I received a replacement pair, and they are having the same issue. They work just long enough for your 30 return to expire so you can't get a refund.