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  • Dr Dean - Terrible out-sourced customer support!

    I purchased the Quickbooks Pro 2012 and downloaded it today. I called customer support thinking that they would help me. What was I thinking? I had to wait 52 minutes to speak to an adviser and the entire call lasted for 1 1/2 hours. The difference in that amount of time was me trying to explain what I needed to someone in Manila that spoke broken English and eventually I was told that I would need to pay $299 per year for something that I paid around $115. I asked the adviser if that made any sense to him and if he would pay more than twice as much for support than I did for the product. He didn't have an answer. Unless you're a guru at this kind of stuff, I'd suggest that you look around and research a little more. Very unsatisfied with customer service!

  • Julie - Really good

    For a free game I think it's really good and has a lot of play time with different levels and difficulty. It does have some challenges since it will limit how many moves you can make which adds to the fun.

  • Daniel Acevedo - the bosses kids

    Oh man, let me tell you, so I got my package not for my consumption but for the pure enjoyment factor for others to eat. I did have a few but not very many maybe like 5-10. I handed them out at work and one of my co-workers had moe than most. About 25% of the bag, the next morning when she came in she had the look of pure exhaustion and violation of her face lol, somebody had already told her the gummis were what caused it before I had come in that morning, she gave me "the look" if you have or are in an adult relationship, you know what that means. Needless to say I denied it like herpes. later that day she told me that while she was eating the gummis the bosses kids who were at the work place, wanted to join her in the deliciousness of gummi eating. When the boss seen his kidros chowing down on some gummis, his response was dont give them a sugar high, her response to the boss was, im not sir, they are sugar free, free. Lol the bosses next words were well then give all they want lmao. So she did she gave them and they killed the remaining 3/ 4 of the bag. I instantly stopped her, are you for real right now?!?! Then I remembered thankfully the boss flew out that evening on business. So I wasnt sure or not if he put the 2 together, thankfully thiscwas the end of it.

  • rick s. - Ice cream without the guilt or the calories

    Wow! My friends and family don't believe me when I serve them a bowl of Yonanas that it's not ice cream. 2 frozen bananas and 8 frozen strawberries make enough for my family of 4. My kids love the taste and make some every day, since it's pure fruits and nothing else. We sometimes add yogurt and freeze a few bowls to have for breakfast. The Yonanas machine is easy to use and super easy to clean. I've purchased 3 Yonanas machines to give as gifts and the recipients are always surprised and delighted with the end product. Highly recommended.