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Periodontist Rockville MD | Shady Grove Periodontics | Periodontic Specialist - Welcome to Shady Grove Periodontics, the office of Dr. William Brayer. We are a periodontal dental office located in Rockville, Maryland, specializing in dental implants, bone grafting and cosmetic periodontal surgery.

  • http://drbrayer.com/OfficeInfo/AbouttheDoctor.aspx About the Doctor | Shady Grove Periodontics | Rockville MD - Meet Dr. Brayer, periodontist in Rockville, Maryland. Dr. Brayer is proud to offer regenerative and cosmetic periodontal treatment for his patients living in and around the Rockville, MD area.
  • http://drbrayer.com/OfficeInfo/MapampDirections.aspx Map & Directions | Shady Grove Periodontics | Rockville MD - Interactive map and directions to Shady Grove Periodontics. Shady Grove Periodontics is conveniently located to serve the patients in and around Rockville, MD.
  • http://drbrayer.com/Treatment/PeriodontalTreatment.aspx Periodontal Treatment | Rockville MD | Shady Grove Periodontics - Periodontal treatment at Shady Grove Periodontics. Shady Grove Periodontics proudly offers general, regenerative and cosmetic periodontal treatment, as well as bone grafting, sinus lifts and crown lengthening to the patients in and around Rockville, MD.
  • http://drbrayer.com/Treatment/SedationDentistry.aspx Sedation Dentistry | Rockville MD | Shady Grove Periodontics - Sedation dentistry by Dr. Brayer. Shady Grove Periodontics is proud to offer apprehensive dental patients in and around Rockville, MD sedation dentistry using oral sedatives and intravenous sedation.

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  • Book-Movie-Music Lover - Always Outdated

    Having been a full-time freelance business magazine writer for over 30 years, and making a good living at it, I have a vast contact list of magazine editors with whom I stay in touch on a regular basis.

  • Jadejudies - love how they breakthrough each category

    Very coencise! love how they breakthrough each category, very helpful to nursing graduates like me!!

  • Jason Copson - Terrible Screenshots; Better Instructions on Google

    O'Reilly has long held a reputation for top-flight technical books. I think it's a bit undeserved, but generally speaking I've been happy with them. This book, however, will have you asking how it made it to press. Because it's a basic, "click this, then that" type of book, it goes without saying that the screenshots that go with the instructions should be clear. What you get instead are black-and-white images that look as if they've been photocopied on a printer needing a toner refresh. Look at the other reviews here, and even the generously forgiving hearts who awarded five stars to this mess give mention to the poor quality of the graphics.

  • David Schulpius - Wow, Simple and it works. I had green ...

    Wow, Simple and it works. I had green mold stains on top of my canvas tent over my deck. They have been there since last year. I sprayed this stuff on and the next day they were gone! Yesterday I sprayed down an indoor-outdoor burber carpet I have on the same deck that has lots of mold stains on it. Today there is a little improvement but I imagine this application will take longer due to the mold stains being imbedded in carpet fibers and not thin canvas. The directions do say it can take 6 to 12 months before all stains are gone. It also says it can be applied every 4 weeks as needed.

  • PatriciaD2284 - This is a FAB product!

    Got a large sample of this and used it about three times. Every time I looked in the mirror I noticed my hair looked fuller and shinier. Just bought the large tube, so I'm sold on this.


    This is a terrible product, the only thing that works is the cloning feature. The cloud does not work on this, through numerous calls and emails, horrible tech service and language barriers/misunderstandings, hours and hours of wasted time. I was stupid enough to buy another copy for my home computer, and it cannot perform a backup from my 1Tb drive to a 2Tb drive, keeps coming up with errors. The "help" forum, is a full of arrogant unhelpful knowitalls that know nothing and are just jerks. I will be uninstalling this and Malwarebytes, which also used to be good, but they own them too.

  • Brent Rector - The first time I used this product it blew my ...

    The first time I used this product it blew my mind, but I have never been able to get quite the same effect again since. If you wait a few weeks you might get 60-70% of the original effect (hence my three star rating) but that's about it.