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  • WishLister00 - No need medicine anymore for my stomachache just use the Manuka Honey

    I had the stomachache many times in my life and notice when I get older it last longer, I am 34 yrs. Recently I had the stomachache again I took Nexium 40 mg 2 times a day then switch to 1 time a day and 1 Miracid which is also same benefit like Nexium but I just don't want to take high dose of Nexium. I took medicine for about 2 months but I still have the pain which most of time is at night. One day while I was searching about natural acne cure and someone recommended using honey and they said manuka honey is even better. I've never heard about this manuka honey before and started to do some research over the internet and found many interesting information especially helping about stomachache. So I decided to try, first time I bought it at Whole Foods Markets and chose this Wedderspoon brand after doing some researched. It took me about 5 days then I saw some improvement I didn't have much pain at night time. Then I started to stop the medicine and taking only manukar honey the tip is, I took 1 teasppon x 4 times a day because in that time I still have lots of pain and with some small piece of bread about size of 1 inch, so it can hold better in my stomach and did like the suggestion no drink or food after take honey about 15 min. By keep doing this about 3rd week, my problem is completely cured. Nowadays, I do the maintenance by taking 1 teaspoon a day or anytime if I eat some spicy food then I feel some symptom come up I took it right away and that's it, no more medicine for me. However, for some other people you may have it as the 2nd help together with medicine which that was I did in 1st week and after it cure then I am ok with just this honey alone. And I found that buy it from amazon the price is much better, I hope they have some special offer if buy more quantity then get better price because I want to pack a lot of them when I go back to my country.

  • S. Witkowski - Slows down breakouts

    Been using this product for a little over a year now. One bottle can last me between 2 and 3 months if used sparingly. I have moderate body acne and this is the only thing that seems to slow it down. I repeat - slow it down. I have not yet found a cure for my body acne, but if using this product be sure to invest in a good body scrubber as well. Consider looking into getting a back facial if you have the extra income. I also recommend the body spray to help fight breakouts.

  • Seaguy99 - Used for skin tag

    I used this product to remove a small to medium sized skin tag. It was the grossest thing I've ever done in my life , but it worked. It probably wasn't the best method, but it froze the tag enough to where it killed the skin cells. I was hoping it would freeze enough where I could rip it off easily. Let's just say I had to resort to scissors.....

  • ShayShay - Low dose

    I will give this 4 stars, however I am switching to a different product to treat my pcos. I just realized that this is only about 10% of the daily dosage recommended for pcos. I will say, I loved the easy packets, there was hardly any taste, and if the dosage was high enough, I wouldn't be switching.

  • Anonymous - The tray keeps snapping out of the base every time ...

    The tray keeps snapping out of the base every time I move it. My 14 month old once snapped it out herself and got her finger caught.