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  • denisa - Very good!

    I love the look of these goggles and they were great out in the snow.High quality look and kept me from going blind from the brightness of the sun reflecting on the snow!

  • Vanessa - Amazing!

    This mouth rinse is awesome! It is the only thing that actually kills morning breath. The rinse is SUPER minty and very refreshing. Highly recommended for anyone with breath issues or anyone who wants to be extra fresh.

  • Mary L Cole - Can't stop reading!

    A page turner from the start. We always start a new job with so much hope and high expectations. The Devil's Work takes those dreams and spirals the reader into madness and revenge. Maybe I will call off from work tomorrow or at the very least keep a closer eyes on my co-workers. You will read this book in one sitting _ if you dare! Mark Edwards is the king of psychological terror. Behave at work _ I will be watching you!

  • Cindy K. Spears - NEVR-DULL ~ THE BEST EVER!

    I have used Nevr-Dull for years. I am in the antique business and this is absolutely THE BEST to use for polishing silver and cleaning jewelry. It leaves no paste or residue in the tiny crevices of jewelry since it is a wadding material much like soft cotton. You tear off a tiny piece or whatever size you need so there is no waste. There is a lot in a can so one can lasts a long time for me. It has proven safe for everything I have used it on (it says don't use on lacquer)and it works quickly and easily. I LOVE this product and will always use it. Makes my job SO much easier!

  • Traciejo - Love this product

    Love this product. I havent tried self tanners since I was a little girl. Quick Tan was all I knew. This product when put on as directed is awesome.

  • William Fink - Same old....with more bugs

    Not a lot to say about this's still Quickbooks, with a few minor changes and updates. If you've used any version of QB in the last 5 years or so you will hardly notice the difference. For the most part that is a good thing. Getting someone up to speed takes no time at all, most things work as they should (with a few annoying exceptions). These quibbles are usually missing customization options, or just very hard to find settings. Nothing that is going to make or break you however.