e-cadernos ces - Os e-cadernos ces são uma publicação eletrónica com arbitragem científica do Centro de Estudos Sociais que visa a divulgação de investigação avançada nas ciências sociais e humanas

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    So my good amazon brethren, here is my review and opinion on the x1 day one console. Before I start, I'll state that I had this system since launch, so I can definitely tell you what's good and bad. 1. Kinect / now now I know what you're thinking "it's a gimmick". True, but it's a very convenient and neat gimmick. Face or voice sign it, navigation, and even extra voice/motion options for games. To me that's enough, I don't care if games are ever going to use Kinect's full potential, I like it as is. I also like how you can scan codes for dlc and Xbox live without having to type 25 character codes. Basically I think Kinect makes gaming/entertainment easier and more convenient. I like coming him from work and saying "Xbox on" go to amazon video then vocally say what show and episode. Trust me, when you have those tiring lazy days, this is a lifesaver

  • J. Brackett - QuickBooks is now in the business of ripping off people- USE PEACHTREE OR ANYTHING OTHER THAN QB. SAVE YOUR $ AND SANITY!!!

    Terrible product with even worse customer service. Intuit is quickly building a reputation of be one of the most un-trustworthy software companies on earth. STAY AWAY. Use other options before you waste your money here. THERE ARE OPTIONS OTHER THAN QB- most don't realize this and Intuit takes advantage of this. Peachtree isn't a perfect program either but as good as this without the performance issues that force you to deal with tech and customer service that are horrible. QB 2011 will be the version to turn away more users than ever.

  • J. Bean - Microsoft Office Professional 2010 Is the Way Business Is Done

    I know it probably bothers lots of people, but Microsoft Office is still THE software that's probably most used in businesses across America and the world. If you're not familiar with this software in at least the basics then you're behind the curve as a business professional. I think the vast majority of users probably only take advantage of maybe 30% of the features of this product and the associated applications. You'll do yourself a favor if you learn as much as you can about this software. You'll not only become more valuable as a resource to your employer and your business, but also to yourself.