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  • Amazon Customer - DO NOT BUY - it's Broken. Cannot register it.

    The version Amazon sells is broken. The pull-down dialog boxes are broken, and there are no selections at all in terms of where you bought it. I could work past the broken state selection dialog box, but there is no workaround for the broken "where you bought it" box. If you don't fill that in, you cannot proceed.

  • Angie - Just because it tastes good doesn't make it good for you!

    The Sweetener in Supple is 'Rebaudioside A' has cancer causing potential because of it's ability to mutate DNA!

  • Ilja Friedel - Handles 457 contributions wrong, asks to overpay by 5k

    I am pretty lazy: while our returns are simple (no house, no stock, no dependents), I like the convenience of using a program to fill out the forms. I have used Turbo Tax for years and have grown to dislike it. This year I bought H&R Block and Turbo Tax and did the returns with each of them. Both programs arrived at the same amount for my Federal and CA returns. On a second return H&R claimed that 4+k taxes were due, while Turbo Tax computed a refund of 1+k. Fiddling with the numbers the difference was due to H&R Block not realizing that governmental employees have been able to contribute to 401k and 457 at the same time for many years now (which Turbo Tax asks about and handles correctly). It is easy enough to override this mistake in the worksheet of H&R Block, but doing so voids electronic filing. Turbo Tax annoyed me this time again with annoying up-sells and ads, but at least it got the numbers right. H&R claims to have a money back guarantee, but I am not holding my breath.

  • The rating god - Motor is crap

    After the 30 days This scooter started running hot and cutting off I called the company and the guy was a jerk do not buy because they will ignore your calls after it goes out believe me now I'm stuck broke with no ride.

  • jennie - Had to return ~

    I had read about the smell of this cutting mat, but some of the reviews said their mat didn't have a smell. So, I took a chance. I'm sorry to say that the smell was much too strong, even after airing it out, and I returned the two mats. Then I went to Walmart and checked out their mats which are identical to these, brand and all. They, too, had a strong smell. However, the smaller Fiskars mat (18" X 24") at Walmart didn't have the smell. It is also a self-healing mat, but it's a different color. I don't know if the color has anything to do with it, but I bought the smaller mat and am using it. Everything is fine so far. I don't think I have ever advised against a product from Amazon, but I would advise folks not to buy these Fiskars 36" X 24" mats if they don't like strong chemical smells!

  • Donna Jones - IMPRESSIVE!

    I'm so glad Supersmile actually does what it says it does. I bought this product for periodic use because I drink coffee, tea, and cola. I was convinced after about 2 weeks of using it, when I noticed my teeth were shades whiter than before. The product isn't what sold me. The results did...