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  • Gregory L. Borchert - Must Have for Backpackers

    I love my Grayl Ultralight. I backpack a lot in the Colorado Rockies, and water weight is a penalty you want to avoid uphill. With my Grayl on a recent 3 day trek, I easily stayed hydrated and had fresh water for all my needs. I carried one Nalgene which I filled from the Grayl, and then with the slender design of this unit was able to carry fresh water in a pocket of my hiking pants. So easy and convenient. None of the hassles of separate filters.

  • Yakov Tokar - Weak signal

    I placed the repeater about 20 feet away from the main router, and got only one bar when connected my cell to it - less then the main router.

  • DC61 - I am pretty sure I already reviewed this item

    I am pretty sure I already reviewed this item. The mud flaps were good, the double sided adhesive did not stick very well at all.

  • Travis Lyman - Highly recommend

    I ride road bikes and mountain bikes and decided to spend a little extra money on a really good helmet that I can use for both MTB and road riding. This helmet saved my life or at the very least save me from a left frontal lobe concussions. Recently I was mountain biking in Lyons Colorado on a rather challenging single track trail with a 3 out of 5 star rating for technical trail . On my descent I may have been going a little too fast and my weight was slightly forward and hit a random rock. I flew over my handle bar and my head landed on a sharp large rock "head on" and the rest of my body ended up in the bushes on the side of the mountain. The Giro Aeon took the full brunt of my landing . The helmet did not break and suffered 3 point of contact dents. I could actually fell the helmet absorbing the impact as I made impact with the 2x2 feet rock. Helmet still functions. I highly recommend this helmet.

  • Mrs. Kuz - A must have!

    This is the best baby gear to have! The seat is well formed and high backed, so even a baby that is just learning to sit unsupported can use this seat comfortably. The fabric wipes clean easily and can be removed for more thorough cleaning.

  • Taylor - I thoroughly enjoyed this book consisting of multiple of the "best" essays

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book consisting of multiple of the "best" essays. Many of them were only a few pages long and able to be read in one sitting which was very convenient. The essays were very entertaining which made it a pleasant read and I recommend this to everyone of all ages.

  • LUANN BOLK - but quite pleased with it

    only had chance to try it the once, but quite pleased with it, although the instructions could be a bit clearer on what type of connection cables are required. it does need to be quite dark for viewing but works well.