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Employment Law - FindLaw - Welcome to FindLaw's Employee Rights Center. Here you will find information and resources to help if you or a loved one are involved in an employment dispute,

  • http://employment.findlaw.com/hiring-process.html Hiring Process - FindLaw - The hiring process can raise or involve a variety of legal issues. A number of laws apply to the various stages of the hiring process, ranging from the standard job
  • http://employment.findlaw.com/hiring-process/job-applications-interviews.html Job Applications and Interviews - FindLaw - Applying and interviewing for work can be a challenging and stressful process for job seekers. Learn more about the laws affecting job applications or interviews.
  • http://employment.findlaw.com/hiring-process/employment-offers-contracts.html Employment Offers and Contracts - FindLaw - After applying and interviewing for a job, hopefully the next step for anyone looking for work will be a job offer. Still, this isn't always the end of the line in
  • http://employment.findlaw.com/hiring-process/contractor-or-employee.html Contractor or Employee - FindLaw - Independent contractors are paid by businesses for providing services -- like consulting or work on temporary projects -- but they are not considered employees.
  • http://employment.findlaw.com/wages-and-benefits.html Wages and Benefits - FindLaw - Wages and benefits are one of the primary interests an employee may have, and unfortunately, disputes over the payment of wages and provision of benefits are not
  • http://employment.findlaw.com/wages-and-benefits/wage-and-hour-laws.html Wage and Hour Laws - FindLaw - An employee's wages and how they work hand-in hand with their time spent are covered by what are commonly referred to as wage and hour laws. These types of laws
  • http://employment.findlaw.com/wages-and-benefits/fair-labor-standards-act.html Fair Labor Standards Act - FindLaw - The Fair Labor Standards Act, or FLSA, is the main federal law that applies across the United States and sets the bar for employees' wages, hours, and other related
  • http://employment.findlaw.com/wages-and-benefits/retirement-benefits.html Retirement Benefits - FindLaw - Below you will information on retirement plans, pensions, and Social Security.
  • http://employment.findlaw.com/employment-discrimination.html Employment Discrimination - FindLaw - Discrimination and harassment in the workplace can come in many forms, and although such misconduct can sometimes be overt, it can be subtle or even concealed. This
  • http://employment.findlaw.com/employment-discrimination/race-discrimination.html Race Discrimination - FindLaw - Racial discrimination in the workplace has, unfortunately, not disappeared during the time elapsed since the civil rights movement. However, the law on
  • http://employment.findlaw.com/employment-discrimination/sexual-harrassment.html Sexual Harassment - FindLaw - Sexual harassment remains a major issue in the modern workplace, despite numerous embarassing high-publicity incidents. Although many employers have policies and
  • http://employment.findlaw.com/employment-discrimination/religious-discrimination.html Religious Discrimination - FindLaw - Discrimination based on an individual's religion is contrary to the principles of religious freedom under which America was founded. Not surprisingly, federal and
  • http://employment.findlaw.com/family-medical-leave.html Family & Medical Leave - FindLaw - Welcome to FindLaw's Family & Medical Leave section. Here you can find information on federal and state laws that exist to address the question of when and how
  • http://employment.findlaw.com/family-medical-leave/family-and-medical-leave-act.html Family and Medical Leave Act - FindLaw - Welcome to FindLaw's section on employees' rights to family and medical leave, including maternity leave, disability, and more. The Family and Medical Leave Act
  • http://employment.findlaw.com/family-medical-leave/state-leave-laws.html State Leave Laws - FindLaw - A number of states have added their own protections for employees in those states who are required to take time off from work for medical and/or family reasons. It
  • http://employment.findlaw.com/workplace-privacy.html Workplace Privacy - FindLaw - Employee privacy rights have come under heightened scrutiny in recent years, especially as employers increase their reliance on computers and electronic mail in the
  • http://employment.findlaw.com/workplace-privacy/employee-privacy.html Employee Privacy - FindLaw - Employee privacy has become a greater concern as more and more employees have turned to the Internet and other electronic media to communicate both on and off the
  • http://employment.findlaw.com/workplace-privacy/drug-testing.html Drug Testing - FindLaw - Drug testing has become a relatively common practice at many places of employment and can sometimes be required before an applicant can start their job. Below you
  • http://employment.findlaw.com/workplace-safety.html Workplace Safety - FindLaw - Employees have the right to a workplace that is reasonably free of safety and health hazards. A federal agency -- the Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • http://employment.findlaw.com/workplace-safety/osha.html OSHA - FindLaw - The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, more commonly known as OSHA, establishes rules and handles matters relating to workplace health and safety.
  • http://employment.findlaw.com/workplace-safety/workplace-exposure.html Workplace Exposure - FindLaw - Every day, workers across the country may be exposed to both visible and invisible hazards in their workplace. Laws exist to protect workers and provide them with a
  • http://employment.findlaw.com/whistleblowers.html Whistleblowers - FindLaw - Whistleblowers/ play an integral role in the workplace. Without whistleblowers, many serious violations of the law by individuals and employers would never come to
  • http://employment.findlaw.com/whistleblowers/protection-for-whistleblowers.html Protection for Whistleblowers- FindLaw - Whistleblowers are individuals who have stepped up to report illegal activity by their employer, with just two examples being environmental violations or illegal
  • http://employment.findlaw.com/whistleblowers/qui-tam-actions.html Qui Tam Actions - FindLaw - Qui Tam actions are lawsuits filed by employees who believe that their employer is defrauding the government. A Qui Tam action lets the government recover money

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