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  • Tom E. DeShovelle - Maybe his best All Starr BAND

    I've had the pleasure of attending every single All Starr Band tour since 1989, seeing each line up, hearing the great songs, and have collected every CD and DVD release from them. Further, I was privileged to have attended this very show at the Ryman in July of 2012.

  • Vickie - Isn't what I thought

    I had gotten this product several years ago and the ingredients were all natural. This newer product has a bunch of things in it that I DO NOT like to use. Very diappointed. Ingredients were not listed so I could I tell until I purchased it.

  • T. Blair - OK, but over rated.

    I read and appreciate opinions and reviews done by others, and seldom write one, but felt compelled to write this one. I bought the Shark Lift-Away today. I was excited but skeptical. We own executive rental properties, that we rent out completely furnished (including vacuums). I have purchased Eureka, Hoover, and now Shark; for different properties. Today, I bought the Shark Lift-Away for a smaller house. Other than the good ratings, I chose the Shark because of the size. I was excited about the swivel head, and really did not care if it had the "Lift-Away" feature. The unit is light and easy to maneuver, but it is too bulky to fit very far under the beds. I compared the Shark against a five year old Hoover WindTunnel that I planned to replace. I am not going to take the time to go into the details of the comparisons, but the comparisons were equal and unbiased. The Lift-Away is easier and lighter to use, but does not "suck" the sand out of the carpet like the WindTunnel does. I do not think that the Shark Lift-Away is not worth any more than the Hoover WindTunnel. I chose to use the WindTunnel as a comparison simply out of convenience, since it was already in the house. In short.....if you are looking for something light and easy to maneuver, Shark Lift-Away is a good vacuum, but if you are more interested in deep down cleaning, buy another vacuum. p.s. I have never owned a Dyson and I do not know how they compare to other vacuums (maybe I should).

  • Amazon Customer - You get what you pay for

    This razor is a decent entry level model for someone who doesn't shave too often. The 3 circular shaving heads tend to cause more irritation and get stuck on hairs more than other electric razors do. That said, it does deliver a close shave. The trimming tool is weaker than on similar models. Overall, I would buy this if you don't shave often and don't want to spend much on something you do 2x/week. Any more than that, and I would consider spending more.