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  • andrea - Amazing cookbook. This is the second skinny taste book ...

    Amazing cookbook. This is the second skinny taste book I own and both are my go to for meals. Even my picky boyfriend loves the recipes!! A must have for any home cook

  • Felicity Jane - Does Not Last

    The yonanas dessert is delicious. The idea of healthy eating is wonderful. However, the yonanas maker itself is substandard. The motor only lasts for a few uses. To have a product that only gives a 90 warrenty is a red flag to begin with, but my machine only lasted a few days.

  • What the... - Waiting for bananas...

    So excited! Got the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer in my Christmas stocking. Now where do I get Hutzler 571 bananas?

  • Nanaks - Best book

    Omg! We used this the entire time in Rome. We got to calling it "the book" because we each would remember something we read and then say.." well the book says....". Never steered us wrong. We stayed outside of Rome and did need to get a bus map, but other than that it was all from the book. I did get a kindle version of a travel book..we never used it. The paperback was just easier to use. Rick has me hooked...will definitely use his books whenever possible!

  • Scarlett Ian - Stepdaddy dearest..

    Whew the chemistry in this book was intense. Max & Lola Grace are so perfect for each other. I'll be honest when I first started reading the book I wasn't getting the warm fuzzies about Max's character. I wanted him to be with Lola Grace so badly and I didn't understand why he would go through with this loveless marriage; there were also times when Lola Grace was acting like a brat so I wasn't sure if she was mature enough to be with Max.

  • Brigite Bradley - You may want to go one shade darker than you expect to be...

    First of all, let me mention that Sephora (at least the one here) gladly gave each of my friends and I generous free samples of this product that lasted 2 weeks. I was able to sample before I purchased, so I already knew I liked it. If you have access to a Sephora, you may want to try to get a sample before paying $50ish for this. If you love it like I do --- it's well worth it, but I am the only person among several of my friends who likes this at all. I will tell you what I like about it, and what they didn't like about it.