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Massage clinic specializing in sport injuries and rehabilitation. | Equinox Health Clinic | Victoria, BC - Equinox Health Clinic located on Johnson St. in Victoria, British Columbia is a massage clinic with a focus on sport injuries and rehabilitation.

  • http://equinoxhealthclinic.ca/services/massage-therapy Registered Massage Therapy | Equinox Health Clinic | Victoria, BC - Equinox Health Clinic located on Johnson St. in Victoria, British Columbia is a massage clinic that specialises in sport injuries and rehabilitation.
  • http://equinoxhealthclinic.ca/services/workshops Other Services | Equinox Health Clinic | Victoria, BC - We offer a wide range of complementary and alternative medical services to help you meet your health goals. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent, individualized health care to the people in our community.

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  • Ronald J. King - Worked Great

    We recently moved in to a house with a pet urine smell in one corner of the carpeted basement. We didn't know how long it had been there, but I imagined it'd be next to impossible to get out since that sort of stain usually soaks through the carpet and permenates the concrete. Not having high expectations, I bought a 32 oz bottle of this stuff. Well, I was pleasantly surprised! I just squeezed out the whole bottle on to the carpet, put a fan on it, and low and behold - no more odor. This stuff really does work!

  • Clare West - It Works !

    This product was suggested to me by my doctor and I have been so grateful. It is the only product that seems to help with allergies for me . Only sorry it is so expensive. I hope the company did not raise prices because of all the great reviews

  • Dominic Cara - Feed Your Inner Wolf

    Last night I was wearing the Wolf shirt and clipping my toenails. Of course I was drinking whiskey because who doesn't love to get drunk and clip their toenails. Halfway through the bottle I couldn't tell if my pinky toe had any nail left, so I just kept clipping and clipping until I saw blood. Then I felt the Wolf; I had to taste the sweet blood. The flavor made me hunger for more as I began gnawing my foot until I was overcome with raw Wolf aggression. The whiskey in my blood only made my flesh taste more delicious, and made me more drunk. I began to get lightheaded and I took a nap.

  • DeeDee Webster - Pleasantly surprised

    Each month, Amazon offers a free prerelease book. Some have been okay. Some I couldn't get through and then there are books like this one. It flowed easily and while Evelyn was conflicted and doing some pretty damaging things, you could almost agree with the reasoning in her head. I liked how the book ended. It was very satisfying and left this reader feeling like the story was complete. I would recommend this easily to any reader. There are very few books that I can say that about nowadays. I'll be looking for more books by this author.

  • Jeffrey Tschiltsch - Great WiFi coverage and speeds, simple setup, and a minor Xbox One issue

    The Orbi and satellite replaced my Asus RT-AC68U router in my 4 story 4000 sqft home and the coverage results are excellent. Our cable modem is in the lowest level of the house (a 110 year old brownstone in downtown Chicago) and while the Asus did a good job of projecting its wifi signals "up" to the higher floors it had trouble reaching every corner and on the top floor the 5GHz signal was almost useless and the 2.4GHz worked OK but not in some certain rooms.

  • beachlover - Flexitol heel balm

    Since we could no longer find this cream at the local drugstores, we were pleasantly surprised to find it and buy it on Amazon.