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Falcon Inflatables Homepage - Falcon Inflatables - Renowned global manufacturer of Falcon Inflatable boats Manufacturing rigid hulls since 1985, with exceptional quality standards

  • http://falconinflatables.com/about-us/ About Falcon Inflatables - Falcon Inflatables pioneered inflatable boats in South Africa. Also called rubberducks, evolved from racing to world class durable inflatable boats.
  • http://falconinflatables.com/services/ Falcon Inflatables Services - Falcon Inflatables Services - We offer a range of other services to refurbish your boat - Repontoon, fibreglass works, additional protection, motor service
  • http://falconinflatables.com/testimonials/ Falcon Inflatables Customer Testimonials - Testimonials from clients- A tribute to the staff at Falcon Inflatables, ensuring that our customers receive a quality product and excellent product support
  • http://falconinflatables.com/models/ Falcon Inflatable models - Falcon Inflatable models - We offer a range of Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats from 3.9m up to 7.6m, customized to your needs for recreation/commercial/rescue
  • http://falconinflatables.com/portfolio/falcon-390yt-rigid-inflatable-boat/ Falcon 390YT rigid hull inflatable boat - Our Falcon 390YT is the newest and smallest in our range. Designed for the first boater or as a tender for large yachts, the 390YT is nimble, light and easy to handle. Either with a tillerr or remote steering, the 390YT is a sure winner.
  • http://falconinflatables.com/portfolio/falcon-450-rigid-inflatable-boat/ Falcon 450 rigid inflatable boat - Falcon 450 rigid inflatable boat by Falcon Inflatables. Small, efficient, fun. Designed for the first boater / yacht tender / rescue
  • http://falconinflatables.com/portfolio/falcon-760-commercial-rigid-inflatable-boat/ Falcon 760 rigid inflatable boat - Falcon Inflatables - Falcon 760 rigid inflatable boat - Commercial / Recreation / Rescue / Police / Patrol. The class of the field, with durability, efficiency and customisation
  • http://falconinflatables.com/accessories/ Falcon Inflatables Accessories - Falcon offers a wide range of Accessories / fixtures and equipment for your beloved Falcon boat, custom made to suit your boat and application.
  • http://falconinflatables.com/purchase-enquiry/ Falcon Inflatables Purchase Enquiry - Want to purchase or get a quote on a quality Falcon Inflatables boat? Fill in our form and get fast feedback on pricing for package custom fit to your needs
  • http://falconinflatables.com/boat-registration-rsa/ Boat Registration in South Africa - Falcon Inflatables has all the latest information regarding boat registration in South Africa. Feel free to contact us if you need any more information
  • http://falconinflatables.com/classifieds/ Pre-owned Falcon Inflatable boats - Want a quality Falcon Inflatable boat, but cannot afford new? Browse our latest factory inspected pre-owned models! Latest specials also listed here.
  • http://falconinflatables.com/contact/ Falcon Inflatables contact details - Falcon Inflatables contact details. Phone us, Skype us, Email us or contact us via Facebook, Twitter or Google plus.
  • http://falconinflatables.com/export/ Falcon Inflatables international export - From our world class manufacturing facility Falcon Inflatables has exported to over 45 countries, and is internationally recognized as one of the best.
  • http://falconinflatables.com/contact/global-dealers/ Global dealers Falcon Inflatables - Falcon Inflatables Global international dealers - International distribution of Falcon Inflatable boats. Not in your area? Buy direct from the factory!

    Country:, Africa, ZA

    City: 24 , South Africa

  • Robert Kerns - Not all Henckels are Created Equal!

    I was excited to get this set as we were moving into our first house and the first home I we bought. With that said I wanted to purchase a good set of knives for the kitchen. Within one month of the purchase all of the smaller knives tips had bent and there was rust beginning to show on the knives near the handle. Do not waste your money on this knife set. I am really doing my homework before I purchase my next knife set. I went on name brand recognition on this set. BIG MISTAKE!

  • Jackie - Received Damaged Tablets

    I was disappointed with my purchase because the tablets, which are individually wrapped in plastic, were all broken up in pieces. So when I put the tablet in the skimmer basket, it comes out in broken up pieces and powder. Obviously, these will not last as long as a solid, unbroken tablet. I am hoping it is only the tablets near the top of the container which are damaged, but so far I have gone through about 15 to 20 tablets and they were all broken up.

  • Olivia Bulanda - stop working

    Not even one star the phone just stop working. Even the the at the phone store didn't know what happened to it. I didn't drop the phone or drop it in water but for some strange reason it just stop working.

  • Amber - Good product with minor drawbacks

    I am giving these 5 stars because once I got them on they were great. Installing them was a pain. Rears went on in less than 5 minutes. None of the 4 holes matched up on the front ones so I had to drill 4 new holes on each side. Luckily, the washers are pretty large so they cover up most of the other holes as well so it doesn't look bad. This was on a 2016 Silverado. Not sure if they changed the 2016s a little from the 2014-2015 models but the description says 2014-2016. Great product. Just expect a little work if installing on a 2016.

  • E. A. Sack - Unhappy Experience

    McAfee Internet Security came on a new Acer Aspire One computer I purchased from Amazon. I tried to uninstall it using the McAfee Removal Tool and found that the Java application installed on the computer as received from the factory had been disabled. I used the Acer factory default operating system and driver reinstall to restore the computer to it's initial condition and it worked again but still with the McAfee Internet Security in place.