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  • Dorothy J. Ervin - Is it possible to give no stars? This is ...

    Is it possible to give no stars? This is not worth rating, I purchased these games specifically to play video keno, I posted this question before I purchased the game, someone answer the question, and said yes it has video keno-- that is not correct and people shouldn't answer questions if they don't understand the question.

  • Amazon Customer - Not for Zone 9 (Southern California)

    In the first few months, this grass seed yielded a beautiful result (although it's not dark green as it said, but bright green). I live in Southern California, which is Zone 9. When Summer came this year, however, they all turned into yellow. They basically died. It should be a fine grass seed for other / cooler area, but not for Zone 9. I went to the nearest Home Depot, and got a Tall Fescue seed, and it survives the Summer very well.

  • Elizabeth - I think you should....it is worth the investment!

    I was very skeptical! I own 2 dyson vacuum cleaners....one for steps and one for the floors. Here is why!! We have 3 dogs and a cat, I have long hair and white carpet...we spend a lot of time vacuuming! This is worth its weight in gold. It goes smoothly from surface to surface; over throw rugs, onto vinyl and back. It tells me when I need to empty the collection bin and tells me when it is stuck under my buffet! I have learned the pieces of furniture it can get under and not get out from under, so I block the exit path that is not high enough--there are 3 such places in my home. It tends to get stuck in my bathrooms if I don't make sure the door will stay open...it hits the door and the door shuts and then Roomba can't get the door open---damn almost perfect!! It does a VERY GOOD (close to perfect) job. I am a clean freak so this says a lot about Roomba. You will be pleased. I did buy 2 towers that prohibit Roomba from going into certain areas....I don't use them; that was a waste of my money. Roomba will not go near steps---no fear of the fall and it only takes a light object to block the path or a closed door so I have not needed to use the towers.

  • RAMCO - Darn good...

    After a frustrating go at having my chalk either tossed or stolen at the gym I decided to purchase this small bottle.

  • mkolber - a vehicle for neuroticism

    This book's blessing and curse is all the numbers it contains. Average gpas, mcat scores, interview and acceptances given, etc. are easy to get caught up in (they aren't as important as you think), but it gave me information on a few schools that i didn't know about at first, one of which gave me an acceptance. The cost of applying to medical school is so exorbitant anyway, you may as well spend the money on one of these books, and MSAR is the one my pre-health admissions committee recommended: it's the gold standard.

  • steve hargrave - We followed the directions and had dark green beautiful grass.

    I am in zone 8 in Wilmington, NC. We followed the directions and had dark green beautiful grass..... for about two weeks. No matter where the grass was located i.e. sun or shade the grass died, even thou watered as directed. Perhaps it is my soil as centipede thrives here. The techs at Jonathan Green were very helpful and knowledgeable. I would contact them prior to purchase.