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  • Thomas Cupal - Crossbars fit well and performed great.

    Was somewhat curious about the quality and cost of this item when I purchased them. I installed them onto a 2013 CR-V and they look great. I attached a Yakima RocketBox rooftop carrier and went on a 500 mile trip. Everything worked perfectly. I would recommend them.


    This product is a money saver! I would have to call the sewage people at least 1 every two months for backups in the basement. I've been using Rid-X for the past 6 months and have not had to call them since that time. It's simple to use...simply wait until everyone is asleep and pour this down a drain, I prefer the toilet, flush once and it will go to work. The toilet paper that is disposed in the toilet sometimes tends to clump up at some point in the pipes and this causes the backup. Rid-X breaks downs such things and allows water to flow freely. Voila! No more emergency calls to Sewage crew! It comes in powder and liquid form. I prefer the powder form best because I can better measure the amount to be used.

  • Kathlyn Storey - So expensive but so good

    These products are flat out wonderful. The shampoo will clean, rinse thoroughly, and the smell is fresh (not lingering) but not overpowering. I have never liked strong fragrances, especially since they normally bother my allergies. This was a pleasant surprise. Secondly, I have very thin, limp hair. The conditioner left my hair feeling great and not coated as so many products can. Fortunately, my hair is very short, so I don't have to use very much of the product at each use. I hesitated about trying the Shine because my hair can get oily. As with the other products, less is more, so I just used a very little amount (half a pea), and what a treat. I like the feel, and it does not make my hair oily.

  • Michael - Works best if drunk throughout the day instead of all at once

    I love this product. Drink it every day. I am 200 pounds and one scoop a day is enough for me most days. I did find that it works best for me if I mix the one scoop with a 1 litre bottle of water and drink it periodically throughout the day

  • Bill Gibson, II - Not Perfect... But Close!

    I have been extremely happy with my new Chromebook. Most of what I do, both personal and for work (I'm a web developer & Blackboard Admin at a small university), I can do with the Chromebook, Gmail & Google Docs. There are some things, like Netflix, Java and Citrix Receiver that either don't work, or don't work because our server setup doesn't support it.