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  • wpath - Very simple to use

    I have used the H&R Block tax software for several years, and I have always found it simple to use. The program leads you through a series of questions (which ones it asks depends on your answers), and then allows you to review and make any needed changes. The process takes ohly a short time, and then you can e-file or print and mail your return. And I have always felt like the software is exploring all possible deductions, for a maximum refund. I recommend this software highly.

  • PiperFlyer - Works well but a little rough on your skin.

    My wife bought this for her eyebrows. She reports that t's easy to use and works well, allowing her to scalp her brows with precision but that it's a little rough on her skin. Overall, she gives it four stars.

  • saddie - Perfect

    This was a birthday present for my 12year old and she loved it. It was a piece of cake to assemble. My daughter is learning that it is not as easy as it looks. It's been 1 month and she almost has it. We also bought her a new helmet, wrist protectors, elbows and knee pads which are essential.

  • Jeremy Jason G.R. - Works well for as long as I have it installed.

    my pc works has always worked well as long as norton is installed. once it is past the expiry date, which happened to me twice before and ive had to reinstall windows, had some really really malicious hard to remove stuff attach to my hdd.

  • Ryan Bray - Hero3 is a broken product

    Amazon took down my first review of the Hero3 Silver. I don't know why. I got one (not ordered through Amazon) for my birthday back in November 2012 and it didn't work. I took it back to big box retailer and got a replacement. It also didn't work. Then I got a third one. For the third time, it didn't work. I bought two San Disk cards, a 16GB and a 64GB, both are the models recommended by gopro, and updated the firmware on all three of the cameras to the most recent (it was the 12/15/2012 FW, which was still the most recent available in February 2013). Everytime, after 20-40 videos, the memory card would get corrupted, the camera would lock up, and I'd lose all my stored videos. At that point the camera would start corrupting the memory card almost immediately every time, even after I reformtted it in the camera. Because the issue takes so many videos to occur, even though I use them a lot (surfing, in my truck and on my motorcycle), it took me 3 months to burn through the three cameras. And because it took so long, the big box retailer where I bought it would only give me store credit in the end.