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Flamel Technologies - Flamel Technologies is a specialty pharmaceutical company, with exclusive drug delivery platforms, developing safer, improved controlled release formulation of biologics and small molecule drugs.

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  • Amazon Customer - Gets stuck in gums and really messy

    This stuff gets stuck in your gumline, in between your teeth, and leaves your tongue black after use... It is also EXTREMELY messy. I put a minimal amount on my toothbrush, and it peppered remnants all over my bathroom sink, which I had to clean off with a wet towel. I don't know if I'm going to continue using this.

  • Amazon Customer - Perfectly good set of chargers for the price

    Perfectly good set of chargers for the price. Great peace of mind having a second one! Would buy this pack again if needed.

  • Hoshi-tachi - Best absorbed

    This stuff has REALLY helped. The most common form of b12 found in stuff sold over the counter (cyanocobalamin) is poorly absorbed. I don't do well on it. But this type of b12 helped boost my levels, and I noticed improvement in my energy quickly!

  • denise jones - Dry hands

    I just recently started taking pole fitness classes and this was recommended to me by my instructor. It does exactly what the name says it does, it gets your hands dry and is grip enhancing. There is such a huge difference grabbing the pole with out this on vs. with it on, I'm glad I was told to pick some of this stuff up, especially since my hands get super sweaty and this solves that problem

  • Peter - Great chair

    Chair is fairly height since I am tall and have MS it works, have used it with the resistance bands and works fine.

  • Bullitt315 - Love this thing

    I absolutely love this thing. I recently misplaced it and was about to order another one because it's that much nicer than my very nice backpack but the messenger bag works so much better on my bike and motorcycle. It's very easy to get things in and out of while waiting at a stop light as well. A little pricey but mine has held up very well and now I'm tempted to order a larger size just to have 2.

  • Santeria - Excellent guide and reference for legal tools

    in broad terms, legal business Pro 2014, provides you with a framework and structure for you to hang your knowledge upon. I would not suggest that you rely upon this extensive library of contracts and forms if you have absolutely no knowledge of the law, or no experience with legal issues. That being said it is a first-class tool to use at state and federal level. The program itself is extraordinarily easy to install. The user agreement in the installation process is mildly amusing since it disavows any liability and