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  • Mark - Great bag.

    Great bag. This is my second Classic Messenger (the other being a Small). These bags work quite well for the type of form fitting bags that they are. Awesome strap system that is easily adjustable and keeps the slack in check. Nice shoulder pad too. The Codura nylon and TPU interior are excellent (the Full Cycle Carbon Twill is really nice material as well). The slim out-of-the-way-but-so-useful top grab handle is wonderful. I do not own a laptop so I cannot comment on how well the laptop sleeve works. An iPad Mini will fit in the front inside zip pocket as that is my preferred spot, keeping the back side of the bag flexible against your back. However I wish Timbuk2 would have made that inside zip pouch deeper so that it extended to the bottom of the bag. No so much to make it larger but because I've found when placing "heavy" items (Mophie type travel battery or multiple camera batteries) this causes the bag to slouch and pull down at the front. Make this pocket extend to the bottom of the bag would fix this minor but annoying issue. Also, make the water bottle pockets slightly taller.

  • Mustang girl - Nice good quality machine

    I bought this Singer 4411 to replace a singer my mom had and I inherited when she passed away. My old machine had worked for over 40 years so I looked at different brands but bought this. Its a good quality machine and does everything I want it to do, sewing jeans, light weight upholstery material, t-shirts and any repairs needed to be done. It came with a few accessories needed like sewing needles, cleaning brush, seam ripper and three extra bobbins. It only took a few minutes to figure out how to thread the bobbin and thread the machine and I was sewing. It has a handle that lifts up to carry it which is a nice plus. The price was very reasonable too.

  • Barbara - Simply Perfect!

    This is a great little book to pave the way for toddlers to discover and identify items and sounds. It is a lovely, simple little board book that aids in the learning process without being frustrating to the little ones. Cute illustrations and an excellent price.

  • DBriggs - Intuit Likes to Lie

    SO I just got off the phone with Intuit for a Tech Support Call. The refused to help me till I upgraded. I am currently on QB Pr 2008. Then they quoted me 199.99 for the product if I upgraded right then and there, but warned me if I called back it would be 229.00. While on the phone I pulled up Amazon and let them know that the price on Amazon was only 129.00. The tech support rep then told me if I bought the Amazon version i would be buying a "bootleg copy" and that they would freeze all my database files for using stolen software. When I told him I doubted that Amazon was selling copied software, he pretty much hung up on after telling me that If I wanted to take that chance then so be it.

  • Neil - So far so good

    Works well. I had an older version of this (Model CHFC) where the spring connectors (controlling by the door opening) stopped making contact with some of the battery receptacles. This one, the spring connectors are still controlling 3 cell locations each but are separately spring loaded that require manually pulling open to put the batteries in. So far all cell receptacles are working.

  • M. Isenberg - Do not take this product

    I fear this is a much more dangerous product than people realize. After 4 days of two pills two times per day, as recommended, I was in pain. Not just the gastrointestinal stuff that others have mentioned, I also had horrendous pain in my upper legs and knees. Pain to the point that I was in tears. Originally I took the product for pain in my hip where I am arthritic. After going on line and reading the reviews posted here, I decided not to take Move Free anymore. Lo and behold, the leg pain was gone in 24 hours, as quickly as it appeared. I even tried to research this product on line before I bought it, but evidently missed these reviews. I couldn't find a lot of feedback. This is defintely a buyer beware.

  • Dennis L. - Saitek PRO Flight Switch Panel (PZ55)

    This product works some times and not on all planes....not happy with it at all and northing about it on this website