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  • M. Madden - but nothing like Born this Way or especially not like ARTPOP

    So this is different.. If you all were looking for more EDM Laga Gaga, this is not it. There are a few songs that could classify as partial EDM, but nothing like Born this Way or especially not like ARTPOP...BUT! However...the songs are solid and her voice is truly in her prime. So this album does shine...I would not classify this as country, but more of the songs are more of Stevie Nicks kind of classification or Pat Benetar...which I am sure that is what she is channelling...after all the last album I believe she was trying to channel David Bowie and I do believe she was successful...:) 5 Stars. 5 Bananas.

  • GadgetFanatic - Once you start using it you'll never be able to change, and you'll have to renew constantly.

    Weird Al once released a song called "Trapped in a Closet with Vanna White." I feel as if I have been trapped in a closet with Intuit Quickbooks for more than a decade! Here's yet another iteration of bloatware, that does too much in order to make it as widely useful to too many people, while at the same time managing to continue to waste your screen space and time with advertising for checks, payment processing, payroll solutions, etc... As if I don't get enough of those solicitations in phone calls throughout the course of a business day.

  • G. Pederson - Misleading advertising

    Here's a test. Go to and compare the active ingredients of Pronamel to Crest Sensitivity. Then, compare the claims of both. Why does Pronamel claim to re-mineralize teeth, fight acidity, and be 'specially' formulated for people who drink sodas, wines, etc. and Crest does not? Answer: because EVERY TOOTH-PASTE REMINERALIZES TEETH and Pronamel does it no better. Just compare the active ingredients. Same amount of fluoride, tons of advertising.