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  • Amazon Customer - It works.

    I passed on the first time - really reading the book, doing the practice tests, making sure I understood everything - all of that was key. Materials are all very clear and relevant to the exam content. This wasn't the only thing I used in studying for the exam, but I think if it had been, I would probably still have passed on the first time.

  • SteveGrossie - Great Product, make your own effect filter

    Installed a couple of these in my house. Had the first one installed by the vendor, and watched. After that, I installed 2 more...both the 160 and 290. They are great when placed in the right area. As a rule, in a larger room (above 175sq feet) I think 2 160s (10 inch) work a bit better that 1 290 (14 inch) dead center. You get a bit more even coverage, but both products are awesome.

  • Chris - One thing I love about Muscletech

    One thing I love about Muscletech, is the taste of all their products. Since I drink my BCAAS during my workout, it is important for the taste to be delicious and for my to be able to drink it. These BCAAS are very affordable and taste great and say what they need to say! great product all around!

  • P.R. - Best of the rest

    I think I own most of the other just dance games. This one is the most entertaining by far! The best songs are the ones you have to do with your friends. My kids LOVE the angry birds, and I admit, it's fun bumping into your dance partners. The only issue is with the Xbox video capture of all the players... It gets people mixed up.