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  • Dendronotus - Meets my criteria

    I wanted a case that held at least 3 cards, had a kickstand, and had a lip to protect the glass. Check, check, check. I previously had stowaways for other phones but I like this one better because the kickstand is nicer and more stable. Yes, it's thick but I'm ok with that.

  • PrudenceGinger - Face looks and feels better

    I've been using Vinalta Serum for almost two weeks now and I must say I am quite impressed. Generally when I buy beauty products the first couple of days that I use them there is an incredible difference. My facial skin will look younger and not so dried out. After a couple days though what tends to happen is that it stops working.. The dramatic difference I saw after fist use is gome. I don't expect to see a dramatic difference every day when I put on my beauty creams. What I do expect out of a Beauty cream is that my facial skin is not going to look and feel like it before I started it. So far I really like this serum.

  • Notvinnik - A real backstabber

    I was pretty excited at first when this thing arrived. So I brought it in to work to show everybody. Next thing I know, it's schmoozing with my boss. He likes it so much that he fires me and hires it instead. Then he calls back a couple of days later and says that "the Wengmeister" is twice as productive as I ever was.

  • Robert Hardin - Fits Perfectly

    I have a 2013 CRV EX-L. I received my order yesterday afternoon and have to say that shipping was really fast, 2 days faster than the estimate and was in good condition when it arrived. My order did come with instructions, which were clear enough for me to install the bars in 15 minutes.

  • Alice E Utter - relaxing cream

    worked well but when you read the information on back leaves you confused because the directions use" topical" which is on the skin to rub in and also mentions" oral" which means puting it in your mouth so some people may actually put it in their mouth which will cause gastrointestinal problems some people dont think for themselves they read and do so could be a problem I am a retired ER nurse and have good common sense to know even without reading it to put it on the skin to absorb it into muscle I hate to see how many people may actually put it in their mouth and swallow it could be a lawsuit in the making against the company should fix that on your packaging if someone actually buys a tube they may get real sick alot more product to use more frequently the sample size is perfect for one time use and if used wrong may or may not get an upset stomach because there is nothing else to use again every few hours like if they buy the tube. I did like the cream because it didnt burn the skin some really good pain creams have a tendancy to irritate the skin like a mild chemical burn when used a few times through the day or get hives but this cream does not appear to do that but you really need to use it at 2 to 3 times after another to see how it affects your skin but I believe it will not cause an irration believe me I have two spinal cord injuries from working as a nurse to many hours and have used many different creams and even some with actual pain killer that you normally take by pill or tablet compounds that are prescribed because of the pain killer and believe me I have suffered a few chemical burns on my neck lower back and upper back from sleeping with cream applied and sweating while sleeping really makes it even more irritating and it takes days to get rid of with painful burning and itching

  • Laura D'Iorio - Who knew "going" could get easier!

    Okay. I'm just gonna say it. It works. I laughed at the commercial (I'm sure you can find it on YouTube) and didn't know if this was for-real or not. But seeing as it had the possibility of maybe working, I decided to purchase it. Well, after a few months of trying it out, let's just say I am not the only one that a better "experience". It's crazy, and still makes me laugh at the thought, but it really seems to help!