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  • Dan B - A very good product and seller!

    This stuff cost $20 at Great Clips. This is the same exact item for $11. Very good quality and it doesn't leave your hair stiff or with a feminine smell. They could improve on the design of the bottle. It's not the best of appearances for a man, but if this is the worst thing I have to deal with in life, I'm doing well (in other words, it's tolerable). A good product and seller!

  • Mizzani - It actually does work just expect hair growth in other places as well LOL!!!!

    I'm giving this four stars because although my hair did grow 4.5 inches in 2 months I also grew a mustache LOL. I mean a crazy mustache like thicker than my BF's come on now that ain't right. Originally I thought it was peachfuzz cuz I have a little but then one morning I woke up and saw I had whiskers I was stressed nervous and thought it was hilarious all at the same time. But overall its a great hair growing product my hair is now almost to the middle of my back. I can not see any difference in the thickness of my hair but definitely the length. Just be ready to wax your top lip once a week. *Deep Sigh* The things we do for vanity. Over here rocking a mustache so my hair can grow LOLOLOL. I haven't used hairfinity in about 4 months. My tache has gone away and my hair is still long and healthy. This is just my experience yours may differ.