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  • wujichuan - I have to question the intelligence or the sanity, ...

    I have to question the intelligence or the sanity, and probably both, of anyone who reads this book and believes it. Paper's too slick for TP and probably wont burn well so save that penny for the used book, not worth the cost of shipping.

  • kimbacaffeinate - Filled with danger, their haters’ to lovers’ romance kept me reading.

    Gabe and Elly have a history. They have known each other since he was nineteen and she was the new neighbor who lost her family. These two have an interesting chemistry, exchanging barbs as the sexual tension around them builds. SeRine pulls us into the suspense aspect when Gabe finds himself in the middle of a restaurant shooting that leaves a good friend dead. My first date has me curious and I am ready for more.

  • Smithmed1 - great screen cover

    Awesome screen cover. It fits the iPhone 7 phone perfectly. It is a hard/impact resistant screen cover. It is fairly easy to place on your phone. If you properly clean and prepare the phone screen, it works well. Then the edges will fully adhere in about a day or two. At first it looks as if they are not on very good but the heat from the screen and phone will make the cover fully adhere.

  • Amazon Customer - DVD misses the point and ignores stories

    I knew going in that this was a highlight film. I have watched these types of videos before. They help to retell the story in a 60-90 minute format, this particular program being 70 minutes Realizing that it is tough to squeeze an entire season or even a Playoff run into that amount of time, I didn't expect to see every play or entire games. However, I did expect to get the "stories" from the Regular Season and the drama from the Playoffs and Finals. Unfortunately this was not the case.

  • kps27 - Too soon to tell...

    ... but I used this on my aluminum gutters and they look a little better. I understand it can take months to really work so the jury is still out. I just doused an old wooden birdhouse too. Hopefully it will work as advertised and at least slow down the forming of new mildew. If so, I will order again and use it more extensively.

  • dominique - Not main stream or club music

    After hearing Born Sinners, I was anxious for this album.Its not the same as Born Sinners but overall I really like it.I think it has a bit of an old school style rap to it and I can listen to it 5 years from now and still feel the songs.His songs are realistic (telling a story)to me compared to what other artist rap about.I feel like if you can't relate to some of his stories in his songs or comprehend his lyrics, your not gonna like the album.So to each it's own.I like what he created, just wish there were more tracks.

  • Loren Morris - Best getting out of debt book I've Found

    I have read many a getting out of debt book. Most mention reducing your lifestyle considerably until your debts are paid off, including selling many things you may enjoy having, but that can be extremely unpleasant or difficult to most people. This book recommends finding something you love and finding ways to save money in your budget to create a "debt destroyer" and using this "debt destroyer" money every month to speed up paying off your debt. This allows you to adjust your lifestyle as much as you are comfortable without having to reduce your lifestyle to bare minimum. The technique taught in this book can be difficult at times and may take a bit longer to get out of debt than other books, but you still become debt free, and your lifestyle is not destroyed with the debt.