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  • Rich - Cant even get the game started. What a rip off

    Bought this on EA Origin as digital preorder download. The download took forever and when I just wanted to start it up and start my own city, it kept giving me a server or "Unable to create City error. I've waited for this for years, paid my money before it even launched and this is what I get???? Think long and hard before you order this...if you'd like to throw away $59 feel free to go for it.

  • umar - You only need a test drive

    My father and I just went on a test drive on a fully equipped and upgraded modEl S P90D. I'm very happy with the car and my dad who was driving the Tesla loved it as well. The interior is amazing, it's freaking fast and the design is fantastic. My father enjoyed the autopilot features the most and when it took off. I enjoy every detail about the car and especially the free built on WiFi that let's you play music. In addition, I listen to music all the time so this will be useful for me. I'll recommend anyone a tesla because it's safe, good looking and will he affordable in the future (model 3). We've schedule another test drive for the model X for next month and we are really excited for our next test drive.

  • TDC Book Reviews - awsome

    About the book: Julia is one of those bubbly always cheerful women. Her neighbor across the hall Cain could be seen as a cold, cranky type of guy and during the holiday season, a scrooge. One day Julia catches him stealing her newspaper in the foyer of their building, claiming someone steals his. Julia has been looking for the perfect topic for a blog that could jumpstart her career with a company she has applied for. With just twelve days until Christmas, she decides to kill Cain with kindness and report if this changes his demeanor at all. Julia and Cain both have a preconceived notion of the other based on instinct, but can instincts change?

  • William King - Good Product BUT FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!!!!!

    Issues with 2004 Land Rover Discovery 4.6 (Best and Worst vehicle you can ever own) after doing the heads still had slight leakage, did heads again with full pressure test of everything (block/heads/etc) with nothing found, and did this as a last resort (most likely sleeves leaking which only answer is a new block $6k). This lasted about 10k miles which was great even took a couple 1k mile trips. BUT make sure you follow the directions...plan on a day to flush the system several time as this seems to be the key and I ran it for about a week in the system before going back to antifreeze. While it has just started using a slight amount again I'm sold on this and getting ready to use it again.....$60 vs $6k for new is worth a shot!! The Land Rover coolant system runs close to 20lbs pressure so I would think this would work even better on US vehicles that operate at almost half the pressure....

  • Branda - Great product. I not only use this product for ...

    Great product. I not only use this product for myself, I used it when I was treating my 11 year old Australian Shepard for heart worms. It's a great product to have around for occasional treatments of many things. And yes, after being told by my vet that my dog would only last 2-3 months, he is still alive nearly 2 years later.

  • Amazon Customer - if I had paid this same price for four new bras i would be a much happier (and prettier) girl sitting here today

    My husband bought me a Dinair after I had bought and thus tried, Luminous Air. I found that Luminous was going to cost $582 plus the required monthly make up gouging were astronomical so Dinair appeared to be a solution with their more than half price reduction.