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    I like the system but am hopeful that the solution cartridges will remain reasonable. Their use really is in danger if you have a limited budget. It is far less messy than netty pots and nasal rinses but the solution cartridges are more expensive than the packets and bottles, so it would be nice if it was always possible to buy the cartridges.

  • GravityJones - Long have I sought this cable

    Once in ten thousand years, they say, an eclipse blots out the rising sun in the house of Ophiuchus. On that dark dawn, light a candle made from the tallow of a pure black ram, take the AudioQuest K2 terminated speaker cable in your left hand, connect your bookshelf speakers to your hi-fi, and listen--the voices of the dead, some say, will whisper their dreadful secrets in stereo. Or, some say, you will hear God Himself speak the unspeakable Word at around the 80Hz range. One legend holds that the speakers shall ring forth with nothing but the terrible, terrible silence of an empty Cosmos. Who among us can know? And just look at those savings!

  • Darrell.Lori Walker - WARNING!!!!! FIRE and BURN HAZARD!!!!

    One star is TOO much!!! I received this burner today. I immediately follow the instructions and heated it up for four minutes. But the burner and the whole entire housing and unit became so hot and smoke so badly that I had to open the window and it set off the fire alarm and it is such a fire hazard that I can never ever even consider using it. I will return it or destroy it. I want my money back and this thing needs to be taken off the market. My husband is a volunteer fire fighter and has declared this thing one of the worst things anybody could have in their home. I burnt my hand because I didn't know the housing was hot and I wanted to move it away from the edge of the counter. If I didn't have such a fast reflex, I would be in the hospital was very bad burns on my hands. And oh what what happened if child walked by and touch that? That would be so horrible. And then there is the part where you are concerned about something touching it accidentally leaving the potholder next to the housing on accident or something spilling over I think it would cause a fire.

  • shaun christopher - Very solid, thoroughly used

    As expected, fit extremely well and it will be the closest you can get to a vinyl floorboard if your truck didn't already come with one. My first choice was to spray line the floor when I got my truckbed done but for the price this was by far the way to go, I could buy 6 of these. I own them on my Acadia with cargo mat and has been a very good investment since we have kids. 5 years with the Acadia and these are still extremely solid and ready for another 5+ years so I expect these Sierra weathertech's will do the same.

  • Michael Kitko - Quit Reviewing Drops Under Collar...They are Different...

    First off, can you all stop reviewing the drops under this collar. I realize the drops are probably bad, but when looking for accurate reviews, I do not want to read about drops and how you rate them one star and utterly waste my time by having to read stuff that does not even belong here. Quit taking your crusade to every Hartz product.

  • Shadow Walker - not comprehensive enough

    I'm a bit frustrated. IMO, Mr. Trimmer has provided a great service to those of us who often find ourselves in the path of large ships. However, I had to knock off a couple of stars because the book felt a little incomplete; Trimmer generally focuses on what to do if you're in a small boat and facing a large ship - unfortunately he glosses over other possible situations in which one might come across a large ship, or skips them entirely. For example -

  • Amazon Customer - Laptop compartment smaller than advertised

    Looks to be a pretty nice bag, HOWEVER, laptop compartment is smaller than advertised. The large bag is supposed to fit laptops 18.5" wide by 12.4" high. My Dell M6600 is 16.5" x 11". Should fit, right? But in fact, it doesn't. It will fit in the main compartment, but you lose the (admittedly small) protective layer in the laptop compartment. More importantly you lose the TSA approved feature where you can just unfold the bag and don't have to pull the laptop out to have it x-rayed. Not the end of the world, but it wouldn't hurt to get the facts right in the description.