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Goulburn Physiotherapy Centre: proactive physiotherapy for optimal management - Here at GPC we have a team of professional, caring and friendly staff who strive to provide each and everyone of our clients with personalised, holistic and effective treatment and services.

  • http://goulburnphysio.com.au/about-us About us - Goulburn Physiotherapy Centre - At GPC, we provide active physiotherapy for optimal management. Our professional and caring team work together to provide you with a personalised service, in a professional healthcare setting, that is timely, efficient and EFFECTIVE!
  • http://goulburnphysio.com.au/our-staff Physiotherapy can help YOU and every member of your family! - Physiotherapists are experts in the analysis of human movement, the assessment of movement dysfunction and in the treatment of joint and soft tissue injuries. Why would you trust your body with any one else?
  • http://goulburnphysio.com.au/services Physiotherapy and health services in Goulburn, Bradfordville, Garfield - At GPC we provide a comprehensive range of services, with an on-site gym, private health fund and Medicare rebates.
  • http://goulburnphysio.com.au/your-first-visit What to expect on your 1st visit to Goulburn Physiotherapy Centre - A team of caring, compassionate and expert health care professionals and support staff, in a custom designed and built clinic that can provide physiotherapy to YOU right across the scope of your injury management and prevention.
  • http://goulburnphysio.com.au/client-types Physiotherapy services provided across the scope of your lifespan, work, sporting, family and social requirements. - We treat a range of client types, including Private, Workers Compensation, Department of Veterans Affairs, Medicare, Compulsory Third Party and Pre Employment Screenings and Functional Capacity Evaluation.
  • http://goulburnphysio.com.au/lymphoedema Lymphoedema services now in Goulburn - Goulburn Physiotherapy Centre is excited to announce that we now have a fully qualified physiotherapist who can assess and treat lymphoedema!
  • http://goulburnphysio.com.au/view/lib/physiotherapy-terminology/43 Physiotherapy terminology - Here is a glossary of commonly used terms in physiotherapy to give you a better understanding of what they mean and how they may relate to you.
  • http://goulburnphysio.com.au/view/lib/injury-prevention/58 Injury prevention - A great part of the physiotherapy treatment protocol has to do with injury prevention. Let’s take a look at some ways we can help you prevent injury.
  • http://goulburnphysio.com.au/view/lib/fractured-clavicle/91 Fractured clavicle - Fracture of the clavicle is one of the most common fractures seen in sport and is either caused by a fall where the person lands on the side or point of the shoulder or by a direct blow to the clavicle with another player or piece of sporting equipment.
  • http://goulburnphysio.com.au/view/lib/volleyball-injuries/136 Volleyball injuries - Volleyball injuries fall into two categories: traumatic or overuse. Traumatic injuries may result from a sudden force or impact and overuse injuries result due to repetitive movements over a length of time.
  • http://goulburnphysio.com.au/view/lib/ultrasound/158 Ultrasound - An ultrasound machine, which is very commonly used in physiotherapy, works by using high frequency sound waves (that can’t be heard by the human ear) to effectively treat deep tissue injuries.
  • http://goulburnphysio.com.au/view/lib/rotator-cuff-injury-treatment-options/167 Rotator cuff injury – treatment options - When the rotator cuff muscles become injured, certain everyday functions such as raising your arm above your head become difficult or impossible.
  • http://goulburnphysio.com.au/view/lib/healthy-body-healthy-mind/220 Healthy body, healthy mind - It has been proven that people who exercise regularly not only keep their bodies healthy, but they are more alert, have better memories and seem to age more slowly.
  • http://goulburnphysio.com.au/view/lib/cheating-in-exercise/244 Cheating in exercise - When a you cheat in order to make the movements easier, you are only hurting yourself and will regret it later on. Having a physiotherapist can help you avoid cheating and achieve better and faster outcomes.
  • http://goulburnphysio.com.au/view/lib/watch-your-posture--computer-use/282 Watch your posture: Computer use - In our high tech society, many people spend hours sitting before the computer, and suffer from back and neck pain as a result.
  • http://goulburnphysio.com.au/view/lib/exercising-in-a-busy-schedule/304 Exercising in a busy schedule - Recognising that you need to exercise and finding the time in your hectic schedule to do it, however, are two different things.
  • http://goulburnphysio.com.au/view/lib/what-is-physiotherapy/30 What is physiotherapy? - Physiotherapy deals with restoring and maintaining functional movement, reducing pain and promoting health in individuals.
  • http://goulburnphysio.com.au/view/lib/why-people-see-us/46 Why people see us - Do you have muscular or joint pain? Are you suffering from arthritis? All of the above and more are reasons to see a physiotherapist.
  • http://goulburnphysio.com.au/view/lib/common-injuries/82 Common injuries - The aim of physiotherapy is to treat and rehabilitate you after an injury or operation to enable you to return to your regular level of function in the shortest possible time and to prevent further injury and loss of fitness.

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    I have been using this for several weeks, but I really haven't noticed a difference. I can say that I didn't have any loss like others did.

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