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  • JOATMON - So far so good..

    So far so good.... mid 2011 iMac 27". Replaced the original drive. Used TimeMachine to back everything up and to restore (around 2 hours to back up 500gig using Thunderbolt 1 to Pegasys and the 2 hours to restore OS X). I was somewhat reluctant to do it because I have BootCamp using Parallels, and my understanding was that TimeMachine does not back up the BootCamp drive. So, when the drive arrived, I immediately installed it (forgetting to backup bootcamp seperately). To my pleasant surprise, Windows is still here and working like I left it. I'm not sure if it's because OS X now backs that up, or because I had parallels running in coherence mode. Either way, I'm very pleased that everything is still working. The incredible speed in which my apps open is downright eerie. Not used to this "instantaneous" response (I have Acrobat installed on Windows 7 boot camp in Parallel coherence mode, and when I click on a .pdf, I barely blink and it's displayed). Downright INCREDIBLE. SPECIAL NOTE: If you're replacing drive, in order to reinstall OS X you need to chose the disk utility to format the SSD after you've installed it ( when it boots up for the first time) or else the system won't recognized it to reinstall OS X.

  • NY Reader - Don't bother...

    I wanted to like this book after reading the reviews but unfortunately I couldn't. I felt there were too many twists and turns that were just not believable and didn't make the story any more interesting. I think the trend lately is for all writers to think that they need to have a "Gone Girl" twist to tell a good story. Not true.

  • ELMAY - Great for Doggie Cleanups

    Nature's Miracle is my favorite doggie cleanup tool. I have used this items for several different puppies and trust no other brand. Even stains I find hours/days after occurring come out easily once I apply this. I purchased this size to refill my squeeze bottle with.

  • Clifford Collins - Great Cargo Liner

    This was exactly what I wanted, it works great and is a beautiful addition to my new Explorer, the shipping was quick and very professional.

  • Kris - Not compatible with mint

    Doesn't link with Mint so its completely worthless to me unless I want to go back through years of transactions fixing everything. Also, several accounts it didn't pick up properly. Its always a shame when you buy something and immediately realize its unusable.