Advancing eHealth in Europe: Innovation Development Strategies to Maximise Uptake and Delivery - Health professionals face new and evolving challenges, such as ageing populations, personalised healthcare requirements and new regulations, whilst adjusting to financial pressures and ever increasing public expectations.

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  • R. Templen - ... my first pair of clipless shoes and they are great for a beginner

    These are my first pair of clipless shoes and they are great for a beginner. Very comfortable both on and off the bike.

  • JeffM - Good Product - Poor Support

    Been an Acronis user for a few years, including 2016. The product does function as advertised with a few bugs (that do not impact backup and recovery, at least for me). But be warned: Acronis has a terrible support policy. You can only get support for 30 days after purchase unless you want to pay for support! And even when they come out with an update, if there is a problem there is NO way to report it (and no I am not going to pay to report their problems). Yes they have a forum, but it says right on the site that Acronis does not monitor the forum, so if you post a problem all you get is a lot of other users agreeing with you that there is a problem - but you don't get a solution.

  • Gayle - Webroot - The Best

    I have been with Webroot since I purchased my first laptop over 10 years ago. I have never had a problem with anything. Even when a major virus tried to come through, it stopped it immediately. I took my computer to a place to check my laptop, and they said it was a Trojan that tried to come through but Webroot caught it and cleaned it out fast. I never know when the software is running as it runs fast and smooth.