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  • O.P.T. - Whatever you do, NEVER take Cipro

    ...or any other quinolone antibiotic for that matter. They are crippling poisons that can land you in a wheelchair for LIFE. A few pills is all it takes to render a top athlete completely disabled. Doctors won't tell you this, nor will pharmacists, and nowhere on the label does it mention the side effects being potentially permanent! What Bayer and the other drug companies are doing with these poisons is downright criminal, and it's long overdue for them to be brought to justice.

  • john j. winsch - 2016: Obama's America

    I give this movie the highest rating, because it has been eerily accurate in predicting the downfall of the prominence of the U.S. due to the policies of Obama. We are now hopelessly in debt, which will eventually result in hyperinflation. He has an overtly socialist agenda that is exactly what his teachers, many of whom were openly Marxists, would glory in. The background on his Mother clearly shows that she was one of the .flower children who had no morals and hated America. His Father, if anything, was worse. For those of us who have loved America, it is now likely too late to undo the mortal blow his policies have dealt us, but at least the viewer will understand what policies are destroying us, and where Obama got his inspiration for them. We, the electorate, have only ourselves and our greed for government handouts to blame.

  • Square kNot - Work great as expected

    Thank you for reading my review for [2016 Model] Back Seat Mirror - Rear View Baby Car Seat Mirror by Baby & Mom - Wide Convex Shatterproof Glass and Fully Assembled - Crash Tested and Certified for Safety from Baby & Mom. I received the item in a timely manner via amazon prime 2 day shipping. Work great as expected! It’s a mirror that fits on the head rest of your back seat so you can see what is in the seat, like groceries!

  • Paul Spoerry - Small and powerful

    I picked this up just as a "nice job" gift for my kid. We have an entire wall in his room with Nerf guns loaded on it so I didn't expect this little guy to impress as much as it did. It's way more powerful than you'd think. I didn't realize this until my kid shot me on the arm with it (needless to say a Nerf war broke out after that). This easily shoots 50 feet and has decent accuracy for as small as it is. My kid uses it as a sidearm, but it's great as your default "in house" Nerf when playing in the basement as well.