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  • Ren1216 - Used to like it - now meh

    I've used Kaspersky in the past to diagnose and eradicate a virus or two, and was very satisfied with the results. This is my first time subscribing to their continuous protection and although I find it to be pretty good, I do have a few complaints with the software. First, I keep getting a warning message about my network not being secure/private. I have checked, adjusted, and re-checked the settings again and again. It's set properly and my network IS secure. There isn't a way (that I can find) to turn off only certain notifications, and I don't want to disable ALL of the notifications just because of this pesky one. Not a huge deal, but annoying. I did try using the online chat support feature on the Kaspersky website to remedy this... ugh, what a colossal waste of time (and my second complaint). All that said, the protection engages quickly, updates quietly and is unobtrusive when scanning. It has caught and cleaned some Trojan / malware junk on a secondary pc. Therefore, I'm happy with the quality of protection KIS provides and my initial rating is 4 stars.


    We ordered this mattress direct from Casper, and since it's commonly known that they "filter" their reviews, I'm putting mine on Amazon. This mattress is THE WORST. We had it for only 3 nights before we put our 7yr old Tempur-Pedic back on our bed and promptly emailed Casper for a refund and pick-up. This has to be one of the worst mattresses we've ever NOT slept on. It's rock hard, has no give to it whatsoever, and feels like a cheap kids mattress you would get in the 80s (that I slept on in the 80s because I was a kid and knew nothing!). Whoever has been rating this mattress 4 stars and up is either a vampire or sleeps on a slab of concrete every night. I woke up every time I needed to roll over as my arms were actually going numb, and twice I got pins and needles in my arms from sleeping on my side (each side!). Not to mention the back pain I experienced got worse and worse every night I slept on this mattress. After 3 nights my husband's back and hips were in a horrible state and he could barely lift our 2yr old daughter, let alone take the dog for his morning walk. Needless to say we managed to put our original mattress back on our bed and had the best night's sleep since the Casper box arrived on our doorstep. (it's just a bit old, and not my favorite, hence a new mattress) We've since contacted Casper for a refund, to which they quickly and easily agreed to, and have ordered a new Tempur-Pedic Flex mattress from the Brick (in Canada after all). Casper is working on a pick up solution for the mattress, and though I pity the poor fool who has to sleep on it, at least it will go to someone who needs it.

  • Roxy23 - didnt work, zero stars

    didnt work even after all applications were used. I was really hoping it would work, so i was very sad and disappointed that it didn't because this is my second time trying this box out.

  • Carmen Coleman - Fast Charging speeds

    I bought this to replace a power bank I thought I had lost but since have found that was nearly double the price of this one. The charge time as warned is a while but it's worth it for the amount of charge you get out of it for devices. Fast Charging speeds and being Qualcomm Certified, I've had it for around a month now and I'm very happy with it.

  • Ronald G. Ramsey - This little earpiece is perfect for use in one ear and still able to ...

    My job allows me to listen to radio / music as long as it doesn't interfere with someone calling me on my walkies talky. This little earpiece is perfect for use in one ear and still able to hear from the other. You cant get your phone far from it or it cuts out, but I carry my phone in my front pocket. I would buy again.

  • Lauren - False Positive!!!!!

    Absolutely horrible. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant since March (5 months now). Yesterday I got a positive with one of these tests. I was over the moon so excited. I told my husband, my best friend, and my parents. I really thought this was it. This morning I took another test and it was negative. I went out and got some ClearBlue digital, also negative. I can't believe a pregnancy test would have a FALSE positive. I'm so devastated and have been crying all day.