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  • Nikki H. - I think this hot cream is just as good as any other type of cellulite wraps products (the ...

    Holy smokes - this can get HOT :-) A little warning......I applied this one time AFTER I exfoliated and took a hot bath and I think it opened up my pores and let's just say, I thought maybe I was going to not only burn the fat away but my entire leg - ha!

  • Amanda Trimble - Don't do it!

    I hate to post ugly reviews but I would like to know if someone has had a bad experience if I was about to buy this very expensive product. The diet is FULL of pills to take. I felt like I was always taking a pill or drinking a special drink. I felt good but was eating much better and not eating any bad carbs. If you can follow their diet then you can follow a similar diet on your own and have the same results without taking all their stuff! I also tried to return my products and after more then 10 days have still not received a refund. They keep telling me their warehouse guy is so bust dealing with refund that they are way backed up. $500 is way to much to spend - check out Weight Watchers or protein shakes on your own and eliminate processed foods!

  • nyca - I tried these and they were much better since they are situated completely differently in there

    I wanted an alternative to tampons cause having cotton up there was causing feminine issues. The DivaCup didn't really work for me/my anatomy. I tried these and they were much better since they are situated completely differently in there! Perhaps this is a little TMI, but with tampons/pads I would always get unpleasant smell and itchiness during/after my period. With the Softcups, the odor is almost completely non-existent and there is entirely no itchiness! Woohoo! I haven't had any leaks or issues yet and I've been using them for about six months! I've also been swimming in these, running in these, pretty much any cliche activity in a tampon commercial, and have had no problems!

  • Noah - Good but better products out there

    Started a Venom(Marvel) sleeve on July 6th. Ordered After Inked and started using it last week up until the 28th. The product would moisturize my tattoo initially, but after 4 hours or so my skin would become dry and I'd have to apply again. I also would get a pretty good itch on my tattoo usually about an hour after application. Product does have a great citrus type smell. After Inked is certainly better than using Curel or other store bought lotions. But I much preferred the Hustle Butter I have been using for the last few days. Much better as a moisturizer and does not give me problems with itching.

  • miamicouponqueen - Great silent diffuser you can use with your favorite oil and great ambient lighting too!

    I was skeptical and curious enough to buy this diffuser but I am so glad I did. I absolutely love this contraption. The actual benefit of the diffusion of the aromas is great! I can use any of my essential oils and it helps permeate the room with it. As an added bonus the lights on the unit make it that much better, adding to the ambiance created by the scent. The best thing is that it is completely silent. Lots of the room scent diffuser I had purchased in the past would scare the heck out of me if I happen to get too close as they would make noise as they dispersed the scent into the air - this one makes no noise!

  • S. Daffron - Not So Good Reading

    This publication seems to be all brag, no fact. And the headlines just get more sensational every week. I will not purchase a copy again.